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Critical trends and risks in the global economy

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Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, May 2021

– Amid the agonies of a second pandemic year, the recovery gathers further momentum; business leaders and policy makers ponder rising inflation.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, April 2021

– A broad economic recovery continues to gather momentum—but against a backdrop of pandemic resurgence and a national crisis in India.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, March 2021

– Amid a resurging pandemic, the economic recovery accelerates, pushed forward by demand and output from China and the United States.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, February 2021

– Economic recovery is driven by manufacturing and trade, with surging demand from China; vaccination programs make progress, if slowly.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, January 2021

– The economic recovery is exceeding expectations, but the pandemic has worsened; vaccination programs and the fight against the virus will dictate further progress.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, December 2020

– A fast economic recovery, led by manufacturing and trade, is challenged by a resurgent pandemic; a Brexit deal is signed at the wire.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, November 2020

– The global economic recovery strengthened alongside a resurgent wave of COVID-19 cases; with vaccines on the horizon and easing US political uncertainty, investor confidence climbed.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, October 2020

– Economic recovery is sustained by manufacturing, trade, and the consumer sector; public health has been restored in China while European countries impose new restrictions amid rising COVID-19 levels.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, September 2020

– As China returns to near-normal activity, many economies experience an industrial revival led by manufacturing and trade; the public-health crisis remains an impediment to faster growth.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, August 2020

– Economic indicators improved and trade began to recover; output and demand are still below pre-COVID-19 levels; recovery in the US, Brazil, and India is impaired by the ongoing public-health crisis.

Economic conditions surveys


Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2020: McKinsey Global Survey results

– Executives are more hopeful about the economy—and their own companies’ performance—than they have been since... the COVID-19 crisis began. Yet, operational and employment challenges remain.

The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment

– Though the pandemic overshadows other risks to growth, optimism about the economy persists and company prospects continue to brighten,... especially on the hiring front.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2020: McKinsey Global Survey results

– A new survey confirms COVID-19’s historic effects on the economy and on businesses. While executives report new risks to growth,... their overall outlook for the future continues to improve.

What executives think about the economy: 2004 to now

– This continually updated interactive tracks how executives around the world have viewed economic conditions and the economic prospects... of their companies, and how those views have differed over time and across industries, regions, and types of company.

In the tunnel: Executive expectations about the shape of the coronavirus crisis

– In this McKinsey survey, more than 2,000 executives around the world share their views on the likely impact of efforts to control... the virus and support economic recovery.

An instant economic crisis: How deep and how long?

– Analysis of a range of economic data tracks the worsening effects of the pandemic in the West—and the cautious reopening of social... and economic life in China.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2020: McKinsey Global Survey results

– As the coronavirus outbreak unfolded at the beginning of March, the survey elicited sobering early appraisals, with expectations... of significant business risks and stifled growth prospects for the months ahead.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2019: McKinsey Global Survey results

– Respondents’ views on the world economy and their countries’ conditions turn somewhat brighter. Trade tensions remain the most-cited... threat to global growth, while social unrest climbs on the list of concerns.

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