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Tony Hansen

Director, Natural Capital and NatureSeattle

Supports the private, public and social sector in transitioning to a net-zero and nature-positive economy

Tony oversees McKinsey's natural capital and nature work, where he plays a leadership role in client development, knowledge creation, and industry convening. Core focus areas include helping companies on their net-zero and nature-positive transformation, assisting governments in designing and implementing national nature commitments, and navigating a pathway toward nature credits and markets.

Prior to this, Tony was the managing director of McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII), a community of the world’s senior leaders in infrastructure who are committed to the pursuit of smart, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure.

Before joining McKinsey, Tony worked as a management consultant and entrepreneur for more than 20 years. His experience spans infrastructure, sustainability, conservation, and high-impact events.

Tony is on the advisory board of Tompkins Conservation, a global conservation organization that creates national parks, recovers imperiled wildlife, and promotes sustainable local communities.

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University of Cape Town—Graduate School of Business
MA, information systems
BCom, economics