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Voices on Infrastructure: October 2022

Decarbonizing the built environment

In this issue of Voices, leaders offer perspectives about how best to decarbonize our built environment and erect a sustainable future.

Inside this edition


Introduction: October 2022

– Building a sustainable future will depend upon the buildings themselves being built and operated sustainably.

News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative: October 2022

– Welcome to the October 2022 edition of Voices on Infrastructure, which focuses on decarbonizing the built environment.

Sustainable spaces: Countering climate risk in capital projects

– By taking a deeper, more comprehensive approach to understanding risk, companies can mitigate climate hazards and build resilience into the life cycle of their infrastructure and capital projects.

Reducing embodied carbon in new construction

– Three-quarters of the $9.2 trillion in infrastructure spending needed per year until 2050 will go toward new construction—offering opportunities to fight climate change by reducing embodied emissions.

The art of the possible: An interview with leaders from Scottish Water

– Many organizations have made decarbonization commitments, but meeting those goals is a different story. Gordon Reid and Mark Williams from Scottish Water share their insights.

On the path to net-zero steel in building and construction

– Rising demand for greener approaches creates an imperative for the industry to seize the moment, adopt new mindsets, and set standards for the transition to a greener future.

Investing in pathways to decarbonize infrastructure

– The net-zero transition requires a deep understanding of emissions drivers by asset class, opportunities specific to each asset, and the development and rigid execution of decarbonization options.

Preparing for tomorrow: An interview with Tariq Taherbhai

– As economies, climate, and technologies change, so does the construction industry. Tariq Taherbhai of Aon explains today’s most pressing risks.

Doing good demands doing better: Delivering net-zero capital projects

– A net-zero project management framework aligns project performance with current trends in asset valuation and energy transition goals.