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‘Whatever we can measure, we can manage’: An interview with Paolo Gallo

– The capex cycle is facing new and formidable challenges. Paolo Gallo of Italgas explains the importance of adopting a long-term perspective.

Reducing embodied carbon in new construction

– Three-quarters of the $9.2 trillion in infrastructure spending needed per year until 2050 will go toward new construction—offering opportunities to fight climate change by reducing embodied emissions.

Reflecting on everything going on in the world today, the three risks that are top of mind revolve around talent, macroeconomic conditions, and climate change.

Tariq Taherbhai, COO of global construction and infrastructure, Aon Read the interview

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Disrupting transport: An interview with Robert Falck of Einride

– Einride’s founder and CEO discusses how autonomous technology and digital infrastructure can decarbonize the difficult-to-abate freight industry.

Leveraging infrastructure investment to meet net-zero goals

– Emmanuel Jaclot, executive vice president and head of infrastructure for CDPQ, discusses how investors can develop sustainable-infrastructure... solutions to address climate change risks.

Investing in the next generation of transportation infrastructure

– Two CEOs—Kim Fejfer of A.P. Moller Capital and Stephanie Wiggins of Los Angeles Metro—discuss the once-in-a-generation... opportunity to invest in the infrastructure industry.

Data to the rescue: Embodied carbon in buildings and the urgency of now

– Building companies seeking to make informed materials-procurement choices may confront data that are either lacking or too complex.... A precompetitive consortium has responded with a free, open-source tool that anyone can use to help fill in the gaps.

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The circular cement value chain: Sustainable and profitable

– Concrete and cement circularity could allow industry to rein in costs and reduce emissions, adding untapped value to the built... environment.

The race to decarbonize electric-vehicle batteries

– While electric vehicles are clean, their batteries are highly carbon intensive to produce. Leading manufacturers are moving fast... to try to fix that.

Accelerating capital projects to secure advantages in the net-zero transition

– Ambitious net-zero deadlines require speedy project completion. Here’s how leaders of capital projects can strike a balance between... the costs and benefits of accelerating delivery.

Accelerating green growth in the built environment

– The industries that make up the built environment are highly fragmented and slow to change. Creating green growth requires shifts... in how players design, build, operate, and decommission assets.

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Decarbonizing the built environment

– In this issue of Voices, leaders offer perspectives about how best to decarbonize our built environment and erect a sustainable... future.

Embracing technology & sustainability in freight transport

– Developing the solutions needed to tackle decarbonization in freight transport will require innovation and fundamental change.

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