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Voices on Infrastructure: June 2022

Building resilient infrastructure supply chains

Navigating the net-zero transition will require the construction industry to not only grow its workforce but also attract and develop new talent.

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Introduction: June 2022

– Halfway through 2022, it’s clear that the global supply chain is still recovering.

News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative: June 2022

– Welcome to the June 2022 edition of Voices on Infrastructure, which focuses on building resilient infrastructure supply... chains.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Here comes the 21st century’s first big investment wave. Is your capital strategy ready?

– A surge of investment in hard assets will pressure already strained supply chains and project delivery systems. CEOs who transform their capital strategy fast—and first—may win a competitive edge.

Closing labor gaps to revitalize US infrastructure

– US construction projects are short-staffed today, and the problem is set to get worse. Here’s what the sector can do to close the gap

Infrastructure leaders need new capabilities to move toward net-zero emissions

– As the infrastructure sector increases its focus on sustainability, leaders must acquire and hone capabilities to manage new complexities in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Built to last: An interview with Jennifer Lin of Trimble

– Trimble’s chief platform officer discusses how becoming more tech-forward will help the industry become more sustainable, efficient, and attractive to younger generations.

Building the net-zero workforce

– A four-step strategy can help enable the next generation of industry workers to deliver the net-zero portfolio.

Recent Roundtables

Article - Roundtable

Chicago 2022: Preparing our power grids for energy transition and climate change

– The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation.
Article - Roundtable

Washington, DC 2022: Future-proofing our water infrastructure

– The United States faces aging water infrastructure, with the average water-network pipe built 45 years ago and high rates of breakage... in recent years. Even as the investment backlog grows, new issues have emerged such as climate resilience, cybersecurity, and a relatively slow rate of digital innovation.