McKinsey in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a global powerhouse. In 2020, the ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) had a combined GDP of more than $3.1 trillion, and a population of more than 655 million. Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing regions – and we are proud to help translate its rich opportunities into transformative economic and social impact.

Meet McKinsey in Southeast Asia

Our work in the region

Across eight offices in Southeast Asia, McKinsey works with leading government institutions and enterprises in all major sectors. We also help leading multinationals build and grow successful businesses in the region.

Our client work is underpinned by major knowledge investments – including our Future of Asia series, which sheds light on what leaders need to know about thriving in the Asian Century, as well as how businesses can respond to and emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis. Our Digital Capability Center serves as a hub for scaling up digital solutions and building Industry 4.0 skills in a real-life setting.

We are also committed to growing leaders. We strengthen the skills of high-achieving students, entrepreneurs and professionals through programs like Young Leaders for Indonesia, the Malaysia Youth Leadership Academy, as well as Generation in Singapore and the Consulting Fellowship Program in Thailand. We cultivate women leaders through mentorship and development programs, such as Next Generation Women’s Leaders.

Featured initiative

Building leaders, changing lives

– Southeast Asia is home to millions of youth that are a source of creativity, dynamism and high economic potential. For over a decade, McKinsey’s been committed to empowering these youth in support of the region’s vibrant future.

Meet our people

Oliver Tonby
Senior Partner, Singapore
Advises oil and gas, energy, and industrial clients on strategic, development, and operations issues; member of Singapore’s Future Economy Council
Kaushik Das
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Southeast Asia, Singapore
Leads our offices in Southeast Asia, helping clients in the energy, mining, and consumer industries to design and implement long-term strategy, build new partnerships, and transform organizational performance
Badrinath Ramanathan
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Singapore
Leads our office in Singapore, advising financial institutions in Asia on strategy, business building, digital, and analytics
Li-Kai Chen
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Leads our office in Malaysia and advises companies and public sector institutions on major organizational and performance transformation programs
Phillia Wibowo
Partner and Managing Partner, Indonesia, Jakarta
Leads our Indonesia office and brings transformational change expertise to a range of clients in Indonesia and across Asia, helping them to design and implement programs that improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior over time
Kristine Romano
Partner and Managing Partner, Philippines, Manila
Works with public- and private-sector entities to transform operations, improve performance, and unlock growth
Bruce Delteil
Partner and Managing Partner, Vietnam, Hanoi
Leads our Vietnam offices and works at the intersection of digital, strategy, and implementation
Noppamas Sivakriskul
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Thailand, Bangkok
Managing Partner of McKinsey Thailand; leads our digital business-building work in Southeast Asia; advises B2B and B2C companies in Asia
Shatetha Terdprisant
Senior Partner, Bangkok
Serves as the chairman of McKinsey Indochina, with extensive experience in transforming and innovating companies in Asia and Southeast Asia
Ganaka Herath
Partner and Managing Partner, Sri Lanka, Colombo
Leads McKinsey’s client service work in Sri Lanka, with a focus on digital and analytics transformations, and coleads McKinsey’s transaction-banking service work in Asia