Healthcare Systems & Services

Healthcare Systems & Services

Delivering innovative solutions to tackle the biggest healthcare challenges

We help private and public healthcare leaders create Change that Matters by making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for millions of people around the world.

How we help clients in your region


Identifying innovative ways to address healthcare value and affordability


Raising healthcare quality in emerging markets using digital health ecosystem solutions


Improving healthcare quality and access with national health systems and public payers and providers

Middle East & Africa

Building government capabilities to deliver high quality healthcare outcomes to those in greatest need

Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare

Improving healthcare has been a central part of our mission. We have established this Center to drive positive innovation in areas that have been historically under invested in but are critical for the benefit of society.

McKinsey on Healthcare

Our latest insights into the world's largest industry.

Center for US Health System Reform

Our in-house source on health policies, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate an ever-changing policy and healthcare landscape.

Featured capabilities

Actuarial Analytics

Optimizing growth through deep actuarial, analytic, and healthcare-risk expertise

Nebula platform

Operationalizing the strategic and secure use of healthcare data to deliver insights that transform healthcare systems and organizations around the world

Featured insights


Fit for the future: The common challenges facing healthcare systems—and how to meet them

– Across the developed world, health systems must adapt to aging populations, changing patient needs, and advances in technology... that could both reduce costs and revolutionize clinical care.

Promoting an overdue digital transformation in healthcare

– Research from over 30 countries offers insight into providing digital healthcare, including practical steps for key stakeholders.

Finding the future of care provision: The role of smart hospitals

– Smart hospitals make extensive use of innovative technologies to improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs.

New at McKinsey Blog

Blog Post

The top healthcare trends we spotted at the 2019 HLTH conference

– The latest innovations in healthcare, including new tech, business models, and mind-sets, were showcased at the recent blockbuster HLTH conference. Here’s what our colleagues said, saw, and heard.

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