Top reads of 2022

Our year in charts, year in images, and year in innovation feature a deeper dive into the themes of 2022. Resilience will be essential to navigating continued disruption on the road to sustainable and inclusive growth, and we’ll continue publishing insights on how that plays out in 2023. As this year draws to a close, explore some of 2022’s most popular and innovative insights. Thank you for reading.

2022: The year in charts

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite data visualizations from the year.

2022: The year in images

Reflecting on the past year sheds light on pivotal moments and forges the path toward a resilient future.

2022: The year in innovation

After two years of pushing beyond the traditional article and toward more engaging, accessible, and interactive forms of storytelling for some of our highest-priority insights, we offer this new year-end wrap-up of our adventures in innovative publishing.


Special Features

McKinsey for Kids: Game on! Why your computer learns faster and games better than you think

Top reports this year

Our top reports of 2022 focused on the issues resonating most across organizations and society, from achieving higher-quality life to developing human capital at work. To explore our robust library of downloadable signature reports and special collections, visit The McKinsey Download Hub.
Report - McKinsey Health Institute

Adding years to life and life to years

– At least six years of higher quality life for everyone is within reach.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Human capital at work: The value of experience

– Human capital represents two-thirds of wealth for the average individual—and work experience contributes almost half of that value.

McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review: 2017 to 2022

– Updated annually, our Global Private Markets Review offers the best of our research and insight into private equity, real estate, debt, infrastructure, and natural resources. Explore past years’ reports.

Redesigning the design department

– The best corporate design departments are transforming from fortified castles into vibrant town squares.

Creating value, finding focus: Global Insurance Report 2022

– The insurance industry struggles to create economic profit. But amid COVID-19’s enduring changes, opportunities await.

Sporting goods 2022: The new normal is here

– The sporting-goods industry continues to evolve amid increased health awareness, shifting channel preferences, and rising sustainability concerns. Sporting-goods players need to adapt to five trends shaping the industry in 2022.

New Series & Experiences

McKinsey Explainers

Direct answers to complex questions, backed by McKinsey’s expert insights.

Data Points

How well do you know the numbers behind the changes in business, society, and the world? Take the McKinsey weekly quiz to find out.


Explore a few of our most visited special collections from 2022, which draw together articles, multimedia, and more to deeply engage on many facets of a single topic.

McKinsey on Finance 20th anniversary

Reflections on sustainable, inclusive growth.

Speeding up in a slowing economy

In this collection of articles, McKinsey experts offer our best thinking on how companies can respond and prepare for economic slowdown and uncertainty.

The McKinsey guide to managing yourself—and others

Become better at managing yourself, and others, with insights and advice from leaders around the world who can help improve your professional and personal life.

The Next Normal

What happens when the new normal gets old? And how can companies prepare for what’s ahead? The Next Normal, a new multimedia series, tackles these questions. Business leaders and McKinsey experts offer their perspectives on the future of today’s most dynamic industries.

Building Great CEOs

Explore McKinsey’s CEO counseling offerings, as well as our latest insights and learnings for current and future CEOs to unlock heightened performance.

Mindset to action: Imperatives for Growth

Profitable growth is difficult to achieve and sustain even in the best of times. Nevertheless, some companies succeed, and their experience can teach others.

Popular Podcasts this year

In 2022, listeners tuned in for insights on leadership, ESG, and more. Explore some of our most streamed podcasts, and check out The McKinsey Podcast for even more audio.

Leadership lessons from the world’s best CEOs

– The authors of the new book CEO Excellence, who interviewed dozens of the top-performing chief executives, share their most memorable encounters and stories.

The role of ESG and purpose

– Answering three questions about purpose and environmental, social, and governance issues can help business leaders zero in on what matters most for their organizations.

What is the metaverse—and what does it mean for business?

– No official definition yet exists for the metaverse, but companies can’t afford to wait until one does or the metaverse fully evolves to start experimenting and investing in it.

The office of the future: A whole new (floor) plan

– Revisiting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? Think hard about the purpose and design of your office space.

The rising risk of a global food crisis

– The war in Ukraine poses a looming threat to the worldwide food supply. Here’s what’s at stake—and what might be done to help.

The state of burnout for women in the workplace

– Women are doing more to support employee well-being but face higher stress levels as a result. Here’s how leaders can help.

McKinsey On Books

CEO Excellence

In this New York Times bestseller, McKinsey senior partners Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, and Vikram Malhotra offer an insight-packed, revelatory look at how the best CEOs do their jobs based on extensive interviews with today’s most successful corporate leaders. #CEOExcellenceBook

Titanium Economy

In this Wall Street Journal bestseller, Asutosh Padhi, Gaurav Batra, and Nick Santhanam reveal the underappreciated and undervalued industrial sector for what it really is: a reliable source of high-paying, domestic jobs and soaring stock prices—a bright spot in an economy that has too often been buffeted by external shocks. #TitaniumEconomyBook

Deliberate Calm

Jacqueline Brassey, Aaron De Smet, and Michiel Kruyt draw from a unique combination of psychology, neuroscience, and consciousness practices plus a combined 50-plus years of international board room experience to offer a unique approach to learning and leading with awareness and intentional choice, even amid the most challenging circumstances. #DeliberateCalmBook

Author Talks: What separates the best CEOs from the rest?

– Three McKinsey senior partners looked across more than 20 years’ worth of data on 7,800 CEOs from 3,500 public companies across 70 countries and 24 industries to identify the mindsets that helped top chief executives deliver extraordinary impact.

Author Talks: How industrial technology is creating a more inclusive economy

– McKinsey reveals 35 cutting-edge companies in the industrial tech sector, highlighting a robust “titanium economy” that creates American jobs and fuels innovation through sustainable, inclusive growth.

Author Talks: How to learn and lead calmly through volatile times

– Three McKinsey veterans condense decades of boardroom experience and cognitive science into a guide for learning proactively and leading dynamically amid the most uncertain circumstances.

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