Southeast Asia & Sri Lanka

Located in one of the world’s most dynamic regions, McKinsey’s Southeast Asia & Sri Lanka Office includes seven locations.
Across the region, McKinsey works with leading government institutions and enterprises in all major sectors to translate the region’s rich opportunities into transformative economic and social impact. We also help leading multinational and domestic companies build and grow successful businesses in Southeast Asia.
Our clients encompass all sectors of the economy including consumer industries, financial services, mining, oil and gas, the public sector, telecom and media, and travel and logistics. This broad base ensures we are familiar with a range of strategic, operational, and organizational issues. Our work is underpinned by major knowledge investments.



>100 consultants

The Bangkok office opened in 1997. It is a dynamic growing office with deep, established relationships in the country. The office works with both local Thai and multinational clients across industries including consumer industries, financial services, energy, the public sector, and telecommunications.


>90 consultants

Opened in 2008, the Hanoi office, joined recently by the Ho Chi Minh City “hub,” serve Vietnam’s largest public and private companies and some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and local government agencies. The Hanoi office assists clients across various sectors including chemicals, financial services, infrastructure, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, the public sector, and real estate.


>150 consultants

McKinsey has been present in Indonesia since 1988, and the Jakarta office was McKinsey’s first office in Southeast Asia. The Jakarta office serves leading organizations across all major sectors of Indonesia’s economy including consumer industries, financial services, logistics, mining, oil and gas, the public sector, telecom and media, and travel.

Kuala Lumpur

>100 consultants

Opened in 1997, the Kuala Lumpur office advises clients on growth and transformation in both the public and private sectors, including automotive, financial services, logistics, and telecommunication services. The office serves many of Malaysia’s largest companies across a range of industries and sectors.


>26 consultants

Opened in 1999, McKinsey is an active advisor in the Philippines, serving public sector and industry leaders across sectors and functions including consumer industries, diversified conglomerates, financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunications.


>250 consultants

The Singapore office, founded in 1998, is an innovative hub that reflects the country’s dynamism and diversity. The office partners with many of Singapore’s leading enterprises and institutions in their expansion and transformation efforts, and supports major multinational companies that have made the city-state their regional base.


>10 consultants

We are the first global management consulting firm to open an office in Sri Lanka. The Colombo office serves local, privately held companies and conglomerates in Sri Lanka, as well as multinationals and investors. McKinsey is increasingly becoming a leader in digital strategy and advanced-analytics consulting. Drawing on this expertise and cutting-edge tools, the office serves clients throughout Sri Lanka in planning and implementing analytics and digital transformations.

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