Modernizing technology and accelerating impact

Technology has evolved from a business enabler to a critical driver of accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth. In the past, organizations often relied on one-off IT projects and applications to address business needs. In today’s rapidly changing environment, they are now turning to technological co-discovery and bold bets to operate and thrive.

Organizations that understand this fundamental shift must learn to navigate such challenges as building capabilities, modernizing platforms, creating a software engineering culture, and leveraging data and analytics to improve operations and products. We help deliver end-to-end tech-enabled transformations for our clients by focusing on IT infrastructure, architecture, data, operations, and overall technology strategy.

How we help clients

Infrastructure & Cloud

Optimizing organizations’ application hosting, network, and end-user environments to help them operate effectively and efficiently at scale

Enterprise Architecture & Digital Platforms

Helping organizations solve challenges around digital platforms, enterprise/IT architecture, and IT modernization to drive their technology transformation


Helping organizations measure digital resilience, identify and prioritize critical assets, make build-or-buy decisions, and build leadership capabilities to neutralize threats

Agile Delivery

Helping organizations transform their IT and architecture with the tools, processes, and mindsets to become leaders in a digital world

Technology Sourcing

Advising organizations on how, where, and with whom to partner while addressing rapid technology and operating model changes to enable the digital enterprise of the future

Data Delivery & Transformation

Helping organizations unlock the value of their data and build competitive advantage by making distinctive lasting improvements in technology, processes, and capabilities

Our approach

McKinsey Technology delivers end-to-end tech-enabled transformations by focusing on three core priorities:

Reimagining the role of technology

We develop a tech-forward business strategy, implement an integrated approach to business technology, and focus on the digital user experience.

Reinventing technology delivery

We help organizations adopt an agile approach to software delivery, install a next-gen infrastructure, achieve engineering excellence with top talent, and develop an ecosystem of technology partnerships.

Future-proofing the foundation

We work with organizations to establish a business-backed architecture, ensure data ubiquity, leverage advanced analytics, and set up cyber and data privacy defenses that preempt evolving threats.


end-to-end technology transformations

in the past three years


core tech experts

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managing core technology transformations

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Featured capabilities

Tech Talent Diagnostic

Tech and digital talent continues to be a top priority and challenge for many companies. Tech Talent Diagnostic translates technology and digital strategies into action by establishing a baseline of roles and skills for both demand and supply, identifying gaps, and developing an approach to close them.

Digital 20/20

Digital 20/20 assesses an organization’s digital and analytics maturity to discover digital opportunities, identify gaps between current capabilities and those of digital leaders, and execute a prioritized road map of high-impact transformation initiatives.

Featured experts

Aamer Baig
Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps companies use digital technologies to drive innovation, transform customer experience, and improve productivity, while also building organizational capabilities to sustain long-term impact
Kerstin Balka
Partner, Hamburg
Focuses on digitization and implementing transformational change in the public sector
Anusha Dhasarathy
Partner, Chicago
Brings deep expertise and a passion for helping clients transform their performance through digital and advanced analytics
Gayatri Shenai
Partner, New York
Uses digital and analytics to help public- and private-sector institutions transform operational performance and improve competitive position
Gérard Richter
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
European Leader of McKinsey Digital Hubs and Build by McKinsey and Co-Leader of McKinsey Digital Europe
Kate Smaje
Senior Partner, London
As the global leader of McKinsey Digital, serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the transformation of their businesses
Leandro Santos
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Works with technology providers and large enterprises to help expand their business through digital and technology-enabled transformation
Henning Soller
Partner, Frankfurt
Serves banks across Europe and the Middle East on large-scale IT and data transformations with a focus on scaling innovation
Klemens Hjartar
Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Leads digital and advanced-analytics performance-based transformations, building agile capabilities at scale in large organizations in both B2C and B2B environments
Naufal Khan
Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings large-scale public sector transformation expertise to help agencies accelerate their performance journeys and deliver distinctive citizen experience through innovative approaches
Steve Van Kuiken
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Uses technology solutions to help organizations transform their operational performance and respond to market disruptions
William Forrest
Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps boards and C-level executives develop innovative strategies to raise top-line revenue and sustain operational improvements, with a focus on industry-shaping mergers and acquisitions
Merrick Olives
Partner, Atlanta
Helps clients leverage the cloud as a driver of business transformation
Ulrike Vogelgesang
Partner, Hamburg
Drives lasting change in the insurance industry through productivity transformation and technology modernization; leads Insurance 360°—McKinsey's global insurance benchmarking capability
Kathryn Kuhn
Expert Associate Partner, Pittsburgh
Helps organizations meet their digital ambitions by reshaping their digital talent strategy to attract, hire, leverage, grow, and retain the right talent

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