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Technology Sourcing

We advise organizations on how, where, and with whom to partner while addressing rapid technology and operating model changes to enable the digital enterprise of the future.

Companies today are leveraging technology to create new business models and provide an enhanced experience to their customers. In order to enable this technology, enterprise-technology teams are tasked with creating strategic partnerships around the full digital and technology stack, including professional services, hardware, software, analytics, automation, and cloud.

IT sourcing teams are expected to balance between controlling technology run costs and risks while simultaneously building strategic technology partnerships. They are required to create a wide range of win–win external partnerships to access state-of-the-art software and solutions—such as cloud, machine learning, and advanced analytics—acquire global talent, enable agile processes, and procure innovative services. This requires a fundamental shift in the sourcing strategy, execution approach, and capabilities.

We work with organizations to fully capture the potential of digital sourcing and deliver services in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Sourcing strategy

We help clients craft a future-ready digital sourcing strategy that aligns with both near-term and future business objectives, as well as the underlying digital and technology priorities. This includes understanding the current digital landscape and defining which technology and digital competencies to source and how. We advise clients on an optimal supplier strategy—while remaining supplier and location neutral—for strategic digital priority activities and critical technology. We also help design the role and structure of the internal organization including the technology procurement and sourcing office.

Sourcing implementation

We work with clients to ensure agile and seamless execution of sourcing programs. This includes integrated implementation planning that not only enables strategy execution but also helps transform the organization and builds digital capabilities. We help clients leverage innovative mechanisms to foster agility and ensure they are fulfilling business objectives, execute sourcing programs (including supplier evaluation and structured contracts to drive ownership and outcomes), transform contract craftsmanship (structure, critical service-level agreements, terms and conditions), increase the speed of contracting, and construct win–win commercials arrangements with suppliers.

Sourcing value governance

We help manage change within a client’s sourcing journey, which first and foremost includes building a practical and partnership-based governance with suppliers. We also help craft the innovation agenda, ensure continued senior executive engagement and commitment for long-term sustainability of the program, and work with organizations to design the organization structure and skills, capabilities, and processes that are needed in the new IT and digital organization.

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