Modernize core technology

Infrastructure & Cloud

Modernizing organizations’ application hosting, network, and end-user environments to increase agility, productivity, and efficiency while reducing risk

Today, CIOs and other executives are faced with a number of questions about their infrastructure: “Are we unlocking innovation for the business?” “Are we meeting business needs” “Are we as efficient as we can be?”

We help organizations transform their IT Infrastructure through hosting modernization (such as hybrid cloud and data center co-location), automation and process streamlining, talent and capability development, and next-generation sourcing.

Benchmarking and uncovering opportunities

Our proprietary tools, including Digital 20/20 and Agile 360, create a multidimensional view of an organization’s infrastructure capabilities to help identify a range of opportunities across cost, productivity, quality, operating model, and agility. We help organizations prioritize and implement these opportunities based on an organization’s strategy and interdependence with other initiatives.

Getting real value from the cloud

Cloud adoption is not simply about reducing cost—its real value comes from increased business agility, resiliency, developer productivity, and access to higher order services from cloud service providers. We help organizations unlock the cloud’s full potential by driving end-to-end cloud transformations. We work with clients to build a business-backed view of future state hosting model, select a platform and architecture, implement an operating model, build cloud and security capabilities, coach and train internal resources, and ensure they are capturing the full value of the transformation.

Cost optimization through zero-based design

The infrastructure space has seen rapid innovation over the years. Overall computing and storage costs have been declining, various providers are offering innovative products and services, and infrastructure organizations are under more pressure than ever to control their costs. We help our clients optimize costs by applying zero-based design to their infrastructure environment. By leveraging proprietary benchmarks and a library of solutions, we help identify cost reduction opportunities across all technology towers (such as compute, storage, network, end-user, and data center).

Adopting agile principles and automation

In today’s digital age, IT is expected to increase delivery velocity and provide more features to customers. This requires streamlining the entire delivery lifecycle and increasing agility. By applying agile principles and automation to their infrastructure, we help our clients upgrade their traditional ticket-driven model to a model driven by automated API. We utilize a templated approach to automate the majority of workflows, such as provisioning, patching, and incident management.

Increasing IT resiliency

A high velocity of changes usually results in a reduction in IT resiliency and outages, which in turn leads to lost revenue, increased overhead costs, poor customer experience, and a decrease in change velocity. We help our clients adopt a strategic approach towards improving their IT resiliency, upgrade their overall environment to support the adoption of digital and agile, and increase their change velocity.

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