Data Delivery and Transformation

We help clients unlock the value of their data

Data and analytics represents a 20% growth opportunity.

But to harness its full potential, organizations must become truly data-driven—embedding it in every decision, interaction and process.

These firms leverage their data to generate tremendous impact. They launch highly personalized experiences and seamlessly connected products. They scale new businesses, enter different markets, and become more resilient. And they build teams with the capabilities to turn insights into growth—again and again.

We help clients capture the value of data transformation at speed and scale. Together with QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, and McKinsey Technology, we create the infrastructure, processes and culture that turns data and analytics into new sources of competitive advantage.



generated from an end to end data transformation for a market leading telecoms


efficiency gains

for a global fashion retailer


better performance

by our clients compared to their close competitors

Our approach

We partner with clients on targeted projects through to end-to-end transformations

We are always focused on delivering business value and sustainable advantage. Beyond strategy and delivery, we help build the capabilities and culture that data-driven organizations need to continue thriving.


We carefully identify and prioritize the most valuable opportunities for performance and growth—and design delivery roadmaps for faster returns on investment. Working as agile partners, we transform by doing, delivering quick wins that prove value from day one.

Accelerated Impact

Through our Data and Analytics Acceleration Lab, we leverage a wealth of proprietary tools and assets, industry-proven operating models and playbooks, and an ecosystem of delivery partners. The result? Accelerated value-driven transformations, from strategy, to implementation, to governance.

Lasting Capabilities

We partner with clients from the C-suite to the front line, ensuring they have the data-driven culture to turn transformation into sustained growth. Our dedicated programs help organizations upskill, attract and recruit the talent they need to thrive.

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