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The ERP platform play: Cheaper, faster, better

– Enterprise resource planning upgrades can be expensive and complex—and unavoidable. A product and platform approach can manage costs and improve outcomes.

How data can help tech companies thrive amid economic uncertainty

– Amid rising pressure on tech companies to boost performance, better data management can pave the way to sustainable growth.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

How to close the Black tech talent gap

– Businesses risk billions if Black professionals continue to be underrepresented in tech jobs. Closing the gap means making changes to education, recruiting, and retention initiatives.

Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage

– To remain competitive in technological growth and innovation, Europe must recruit and retain women for the fastest-growing tech roles of the foreseeable future.

The FinOps way: How to avoid the pitfalls to realizing cloud’s value

– Moving early and understanding what drives the greatest value matters the most.

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Banks’ core technology conundrum reaches an inflection point

– The founder and CEO of Thought Machine talks with McKinsey about how advances in cloud-based solutions are helping banks meet the technology challenge.

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What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

– With economic troubles mounting, it’s a time to tighten belts and put on hard hats. But don’t forget the jet pack,... to accelerate into the next phase of growth.

A technology survival guide for resilience

– Resilience means understanding the criticality of a business process, the capability of the underlying technology, the business... impact if the technology fails, and the organization’s risk tolerance.

How to enhance the cybersecurity of operational technology environments

– Cyberattacks on operational technology systems have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their huge impact... on industrial operations means that organizations must find answers—quickly.

Managing a cyber risk event: ‘Be a student of a crisis’

– Julia Houston, chief strategy and marketing officer at Equifax Inc., explains how the credit bureau managed one of the biggest... data breaches in history, her learnings, and how cybersecurity is rapidly changing.

Resiliency and leadership in uncertain times: An interview with Splunk’s CEO

– Splunk CEO Gary Steele explains how digitization is elevating the topic of resilience to the boardroom and shares his thoughts... on successful CEO transitions.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

A cloud migration in wartime

– Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine’s CTO discusses migrating to the cloud under the most traumatic conditions possible—a full-scale... invasion of its country.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

Focusing on developer experience and embedded security for cloud

– Asurion’s CIO explains how the company’s timely decision to go cloud-first allows the company to move fast, drive... value, and stay competitive.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

Migrating two banks to the cloud after a merger

– Truist’s chief information and experience officer discusses the post-merger cloud challenges.

How LEGO plays with data: An interview with chief data officer Orlando Machado

– The iconic toymaker is unlocking the value from data to help rethink processes, surface new opportunities, excite consumers, and... empower internal colleagues.

What US tech talent expects from remote work

– For today’s tech talent, there’s no one-size-fits-all work environment.

‘Future vehicles require future insurance’

– In an interview with McKinsey’s Tanguy Catlin, Andrew Rose of OnStar Insurance discusses how telematics data will usher in a new... era of auto insurance.
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Cybersecurity in a digital era

Even before the advent of a global pandemic, executive teams faced a challenging and dynamic environment as they sought to protect their institutions from cyberattack, without degrading their ability to innovate and extract value from technology investments.

Over the past year, we’ve sought to publish cybersecurity articles in various areas that will help senior executives consider their options and make pragmatic decisions about how to move forward in making the right tradeoffs in managing technology risks.

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