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James Kaplan

Partner, New York
Has deep expertise on how enterprises can benefit from maximizing the use of their infrastructure. In addition, a core member of the team tackling IT security issues

About James

James leads McKinsey's capabilities in global IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, which helps large institutions in implementing cyber-security strategies, conducting cyber-war games, optimizing enterprise infrastructure environments, and exploiting cloud technologies.  

His recent client projects include:

  • an infrastructure performance transformation for a major North America financial institution which will reduce run rate costs by $120 million through lean operational improvements, technology demand management, and improved software procurement
  • a cybersecurity war gaming program for major global financial institution that resulted in enhanced, integrated incident response capabilities
  • a data center strategy for a major North American health care services provider
  • a $300 million core-technology transformation program for a healthcare-products company
  • a $100 million demand-management program for a financial institution, developing the technology strategy for a major Internet carrier
  • a $650 million infrastructure transformation for a major global financial institution

James led McKinsey's collaboration with the World Economic Forum on "Risk & Responsibility in a Hyper-Connected World," which was presented at a recent Annual Meeting in Davos. He has published on a variety of technology topics in the McKinsey Quarterly, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. James is co-author of the book Beyond Cybersecurity:  Protecting Your Digital Business, (Wiley, April 2015). 

Published work

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Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
MBA, finance

Brown University
BA, history