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Digital transformation on the CEO agenda

Successful digital transformations may not be as elusive as you think. The best CEOs know up front what success looks like—and what stands in their way.

Cloud economics and the six most damaging mistakes to avoid

– The value potential of cloud is enormous, but only for companies that understand—and adapt to—the realities of cloud... economics.

When—and how—to prepare for post-quantum cryptography

– While quantum computers may not be able to crack conventional encryption protocols until 2030, many cybersecurity and risk managers... should evaluate their options now.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Securing Europe’s future beyond energy: Addressing its corporate and technology gap

– European leaders have shown great resolve in their initial response at scale and speed to the war in Ukraine. They will need to... build the same momentum to face the region’s slow-motion corporate and technology crisis. An estimated €2 trillion to €4 trillion of annual value could be at stake—six times the amount needed for the net-zero transition—and with it Europe’s long-term prosperity and strategic autonomy. A program of 11 actions can turn the tide.

Driving digital transformation in healthcare: An interview with Dr. Pius S. Hornstein, Country Chair Sanofi Greater China

Reflections on Sanofi’s digital transformation journey in China

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Leadership and digital transformation

Explore our collection of insights on how leadership is evolving to drive successful digital transformations.
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The Rise of Quantum Computing

Accelerating technological breakthroughs, increasing investment flows, start-up proliferation, and promises of capable quantum... systems by 2030 signal it’s time for business leaders to begin planning their quantum-computing strategies.

The CIO Agenda

Explore our collection of insights on the evolving role of the CIO.

Cloud by McKinsey

The cloud is revolutionizing how businesses create value, but only when tech organizations, and the business, understand how to... use it and change how they operate.

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Tech talent tectonics: Ten new realities for finding, keeping, and developing talent

– Large incumbents can compete successfully for tech talent—but only if they’re ready to completely rethink their entire HR approach. Tech talent think and act differently.

It’s cloud time for boards—in seven charts

– These seven charts can help boards shape their business’s cloud strategy.

What is the metaverse—and what does it mean for business?

– No official definition yet exists for the metaverse, but companies can’t afford to wait until one does or the metaverse... fully evolves to start experimenting and investing in it.

The promise and peril of the metaverse

– The metaverse has the potential to radically transform the digital—and global—economy, but many questions remain.

Innovative and practical applications of the metaverse

– There are already a number of use cases in the metaverse in the industrial, consumer goods, and retail sectors, among others,... but the future offers even greater promise.

Tech: Forward

Our short takes on key technology and architecture topics

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APIs: The secret ingredient for one company’s massive tech leap

– Emirates NBD’s Neeraj Makin and Saud Al Dhawyani discuss how APIs became central to their organization’s IT transformation.

How medtech companies can create value with new-business building

– Medtech industry senior executives recently convened to discuss new-business building. Their experiences illuminate what it can do for companies, why it’s so difficult, and how to get it right.

The benefits of being a cloud trailblazer

– To meet an SEC demand for greater transparency, FINRA chose the road less traveled—public cloud—and reached its goals and more at substantially lower cost.

Breaking the code: Unlocking digital and analytics at scale for consumer goods

– The why, what, and how of consumer digital and analytics transformations

The case for cloud in life sciences

– As cloud technology matures, life-sciences companies are generating new paths to business value beyond the cost efficiencies that cloud migrations typically target.

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At the Edge podcast

– McKinsey’s Technology Council brings you conversations with creative leaders and pioneers. At the Edge demystifies cutting-edge technologies and shares strategies on how companies can capture big opportunities.

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Reimagining higher education in MENAP

– Stakeholders can consider a range of bold initiatives to transform higher education and create new opportunities for students... in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition #3

Companies that care: Lessons from a unicorn founder and his purpose-driven investor

– Doing good may also be a good investment—and potentially transformative for the world. Two leaders on the front lines discuss... the current landscape and what’s next.

Transformations and a hybrid workforce: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

– Many organizations have adopted a hybrid or fully remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. McKinsey senior partner... Seth Goldstrom talks about leading transformations in this new dynamic.

Prepare now for the future of industrial services

– A 600-executive survey reveals how services organizations can adapt to a remote-first world by revamping their operating models... and carefully tailoring commercial models to match.

Salesforce’s Arundhati Bhattacharya on lifelong learning and talent reinvention

– Salesforce’s India CEO, and former chair of the State Bank of India, believes that lifelong learning will determine success... in the future, especially as people start having multiple careers.

Redesigning the design department

– The best corporate design departments are transforming from fortified castles into vibrant town squares.

The business value of innovation in the cloud

– In this interview, TrueBlue’s chief technology and information officer explains why migrating to the cloud was always about... far more than just technology.

Growing meat instead of raising animals for food: A conversation with Eat Just’s Josh Tetrick

– The cofounder of a food-technology company wants nothing less than to change the way we produce and consume meat.

The next frontier in consumer goods: Digitally enabled innovation

– Four lessons to guide the industry’s innovation transformations.

Cloud foundations: Ten commandments for faster—and more profitable—cloud migrations

– Cloud migrations flounder quickly unless organizations invest in building the right cloud foundations.

Fueling digital operations with analog data

– Intelligent document processing, with humans in the loop, allows companies to bridge the business operations gap between the analog... and digital worlds.
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