Our People

Practice leaders

Martin Dewhurst

Senior Partner, London
Brings 20 years of experience to helping companies shape and execute their globalization strategies

Aamir Malik

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Develops growth strategies, guides M&A, and implements large-scale programs to transform performance for pharmaceutical companies

Our people

Axel Baur

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Supports healthcare companies to develop global strategies and operating models

Vikas Bhadoria

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products (PMP) Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise in helping...

Laura Bremme

Partner, Zurich
Advises senior executives in leading pharmaceutical and generics companies on strategic, commercial, and operational topics

Jamie Cattell

Partner, Tokyo
Serves life-sciences and medical-technology clients on commercial strategy, organization, business technology, and real-world data initiatives.

Sastry Chilukuri

Partner, New Jersey
Drives innovation at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Combines expertise in engineering, science, strategy, operations, and business...

Ruth De Backer

Partner, New Jersey
Advises executives on challenges at the intersection of healthcare and finance; helps pharmaceutical and medical-product companies balance their...

Ajay Dhankhar

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Spurs organizations to greater R&D productivity and value creation; experienced in value-creating mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, large...

Martin Elling

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leverages deep expertise in data analytics to advise the leaders of pharmaceutical and medical product companies as they seek stronger performance...

Matthias Evers

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Helps R&D organizations step up productivity through large-scale performance transformations, specific capability building, and novel approaches...

Edd Fleming

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Leverages medical training to help pharmaceutical firms plan and execute growth strategies, improve R&D productivity, and optimize product portfolios

Brian Fox

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Guides healthcare companies as they seek ways to improve profitability and grow, often through innovative product launch, marketing, sales, and...

Tracy Francis

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Supports healthcare companies to develop global strategies and operating models

Laura Furstenthal

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Managing Partner of our San Francisco office. Offers healthcare clients deep experience in helping improve their clinical and commercial functions.

Simon Goeller

Partner, Munich
Brings deep expertise in generics to help pharmaceutical clients drive marketing & sales performance and improve market access

Judith Hazlewood

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational effectiveness,...

Steffen Hehner

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Leverages background in immunology and long standing experience in serving health systems and biopharma players to help clients achieve substantial...

Jake Henry

Senior Partner, Chicago
Serves leading medical technology companies as they set strategy, pursue growth opportunities, and achieve operational excellence

Vivian Hunt

Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, London
Leads our offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland; advises leading companies on a broad range of strategic topics, with a particular focus...

David Keeling

Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises global leaders in the biopharmaceutical and medical products industries as they seek to enhance overall supply chain performance

Olivier Leclerc

Senior Partner, Southern California
Serves a large range of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-products clients, from multibillion-dollar corporations to pre-IPO start-ups, on...

Franck Le Deu

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Helps healthcare multinationals capture opportunities in China, Asia, and emerging markets, with a focus on improving commercial operations and...

Chris Llewellyn

Partner, London
Advises senior leaders as they transform their performance and seek new sources of strategic growth

Martin Lösch

Senior Partner, Stuttgart
Helps leading pharmaceutical companies define strategy and goals and improve performance by transforming processes

Martin Møller

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Helps pharmaceutical and biotech clients identify strategic and operational opportunities for growth and innovation and supports them through...

Sean O'Connell

Partner, New York
Helps international healthcare systems, branded generics in pharmaceuticals, strategy, and corporate finance.

Rajesh Parekh

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Works with firms across the healthcare industry to expand their business, with a particular focus on entering and understanding new markets in...

Brandon Parry

Partner, Washington DC
Expert in biopharma research and development, serving a wide range of public- and private-sector clients on pivotal strategic, operational, and...

David Quigley

Senior Partner, New York
Advises healthcare clients on commercial performance, corporate strategy—including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures—and organization;...

Gökhan Sari

Senior Partner, Istanbul
Leads our Financial Services Practice in Turkey and our Risk Practice in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region

Michael Silber

Senior Partner, New York
Helps global pharmaceutical and medical-products companies develop growth strategies and drive organizational and operational improvement

Navjot Singh

Managing Partner, Boston
Drives innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine, business, and government. Combines expertise in strategy, operations,...

Michael Steinmann

Partner, Zurich
Focuses on helping organizations connect their R&D and commercial operations to achieve excellence in product development and innovation-driven...

Ali Ustun

Partner, Istanbul
Supports public, social, and healthcare clients on a broad range of strategic, development, and organizational issues

Steven van Kuiken

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings technology solutions to help healthcare companies transform operational performance and increase market responsiveness

Gaobo Zhou

Partner, Hong Kong
Advises pharmaceutical and medical-product company leaders as they seek new opportunities and transform their commercial operations.