About Laura

Dr. Laura Furstenthal is a key member of McKinsey’s Global Healthcare Practice, where she contributes her extensive expertise in clinical research and commercialization strategies. She serves clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical-device, and payor subsectors across the United States, Europe and Asia. She is also co-leader of McKinsey’s North American Innovation Practice across industries.

Examples of her experience include:

  • go-to-market optimization, to help healthcare manufacturers with marketing and sales structuring, pricing and managed care strategy, patient assistance, physician services, and supply-chain operations
  • technology strategy and commercialization, where Laura has supported multiple leading technology companies to develop commercialization strategies for new products and new applications of cutting-edge technology in the healthcare industry
  • competitive-strategy projects focused on improving clients’ competitive position and optimizing competitive advantage in markets for biopharmaceutical and medical-device products. Laura brings extensive expertise in war gaming to these client efforts
  • healthcare value, where Laura assists payors, providers, and manufacturers to reduce overall healthcare costs and improve quality, including helping develop strategies for creating and partnering with accountable care organizations and patient centered medical homes
  • R&D strategy, which can include helping pharmaceutical and biotech players to transform their R&D performance through changes in portfolio, disease area strategy, governance processes, and operational improvement
  • mergers & acquisitions and postmerger management, where Laura has contributed to major efforts of global biopharmaceutical and medical-device manufacturers to plan and close deals of all sizes and to execute postmerger integration
  • innovation transformation partnerships with automotive, insurance, and healthcare clients to create clear innovation aspirations, rapid concept generation and testing processes, and effective operating models to deliver innovation impact at scale

Laura has worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations, governments, and Nobel laureates on a wide variety of topics, from refining business models for children’s organizations to designing global vaccination strategies for underserved populations to developing interfaces between leading academic and industry organizations.

Laura has authored several articles for leading journals such as Nature and speaks regularly at healthcare industry and women’s leadership conferences.

Published work

The outlook for personalized medicine,” (PDF—7.46 MB), McKinsey & Company, March 2013

The microeconomics of personalized medicine, a compendium published by McKinsey’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices R&D Practice, February 2010

What drives success for specialty pharmaceuticals?,” Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, July 2008


Stanford University
PhD, cancer biology

Harvard University