About Daisuke

Daisuke serves clients across a diverse array of sectors, bringing expertise in corporate transactions (including M&A and joint ventures), merger management, strategy development, and leadership development.

In addition to supporting the overall process for M&A projects for Japanese companies, Daisuke leads engagements for a wide range of clients including manufacturers, raw materials & energy players, consumer goods businesses, healthcare companies, and strategic & institutional investors. Daisuke is also active in supporting the establishment of joint ventures and other forms of partnerships.

His recent client experience includes:

  • supporting a Japanese company in integrating its engineering and manufacturing operations with a recently acquired European-based company
  • developing a concrete acquisition strategy of a Southeast Asian company for a client in the natural-resources sector, including reaching out to the target company and negotiating and executing the acquisition
  • helping design and execute a collaborative partnership transaction as part of a new business-development strategy project for a Japanese high-tech company
  • supporting a Japanese manufacturing company in negotiating a joint-venture deal with a strategic partner to jointly expand both companies’ presences in emerging markets by leveraging their respective capacities

In helping clients with corporate transactions, Daisuke has held myriad mission-critical roles, partnering with organizations in their merger-management processes. Examples of Daisuke’s capacities in these types of merger-management engagements range from the management of acquired companies through introducing transparent governance and controlling mechanisms while maintaining independence in day-to-day operations—to a full integration of all business functions, creating a new organization under an integrated leadership structure.

The merger-management cases Daisuke has participated in also occur under various investment structures, such as full acquisitions, minority investments, joint-venture formations, and partnership transactions without changes in ownership structure. In all cases, he focuses on forging synergy to enhance the return on investment of the partnership, developing operational-improvement initiatives (including both top-line growth and cost-reduction endeavors), and creating implementation programs that work closely with both client management and team members.

Apart from his roles in corporate transactions, Daisuke is passionate about Japanese-leadership development and strengthening Japanese companies’ global-management capabilities. As such, he has led several HR and talent-development projects for Japanese clients.

Daisuke initially held a role with the firm from September 2003 through August 2006, and he rejoined us in June, 2012. He also brings experience from time spent at KKR & Co. and Goldman Sachs.


University of Tokyo
MA, English literature

University of Tokyo
BA, English literature