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İşimizin Geleceği: Dijital Çağda Türkiye’nin Yetenek Dönüşümü

– Otomasyon, yapay zeka ve dijital teknolojiler dünyayı değiştirirken, iş yaşamının dinamiklerini de önemli ölçüde etkiliyor. Çalışma modellerinin daha esnek hale geldiği, işgücünden yeni yetkinlikler beklendiği bir çağa doğru ilerliyoruz.

Women Matter Türkiye

– McKinsey, 10 yıldır Kuzey Amerika, Avrupa, Latin Amerika ve Asya'da “Women Matter” araştırmasını yapmaktadır. Bu araştırmanın... amacı, ülke ekonomilerine yön veren şirketlerde kadınların işgücüne katılımı ve kadın liderler yetiştirme konusunda verilere dayalı yapıcı bir gündem yaratma ve bu konuda alınacak aksiyonlara ışık tutmaktır.

Women in the Workplace 2019

– Five years in to our research, we see bright spots at senior levels. But companies need to focus their efforts earlier in the... pipeline to make real progress.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Tackling Europe’s gap in digital and AI

– Europe’s average digital gap with the world’s leaders is now being compounded by an emerging gap in artificial intelligence.

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A 2040 vision for the US power industry: Evaluating two decarbonization scenarios

– To get a sense of how far and how fast the United States is likely to reduce power-sector emissions, watch PJM, the country’s... largest system.

Managing the fallout from technology transformations

– Companies may be postponing further evolution of their technology organizations, a survey finds. Yet they should take heart: investing... in these changes will likely pay off—and may be nothing short of essential to their competitiveness in the future.

The 5G era: New horizons for advanced-electronics and industrial companies

– New strategies can help companies profit from 5G over the short and long term. Here’s how.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Connected world: An evolution in connectivity beyond the 5G revolution

– Connectivity is undergoing evolutionary change in most parts of the world—and, in select areas, a genuine leap into the frontier.

How CFOs should drive digital transformations

– The chief financial officer is uniquely positioned to ensure a company moves boldly toward a shared digital goal.

The importance of talent and culture in tech-enabled transformations

– The right combination of talent and culture can help industrial companies set up effective technology functions.

Getting the measure of corporate Asia

– Over the past decade, Asia received half of all new investment in the global economy. Despite pockets of excellence, Asian companies... have struggled to deliver strong returns on this influx of capital.

Firing on all cylinders in North American commercial banking

– Faced with a recent slowdown in growth, North American commercial banks can focus on six “engines” to fuel longer-term profitability... through the cycle.
Interview - Learn to Leap! #3

The people-first approach to business building

– To attract top talent in today’s market, companies need to upgrade their recruiting skills—and their culture.

Digital disruption at the grocery store

– Five trends are shaping the transformation of the US grocery industry. Understanding them is key for grocers to achieve profitable... growth in this new competitive environment.

Innovation at scale: A discussion with Beth Comstock

– How tolerance for risk, patience, and thinking small (where funding is concerned) can lead to breakthrough innovation.
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