Data-driven decision making across the agriculture and food value chains

ACRE combines proprietary market outlooks, pricing data, and expert insights to help food companies, governments, investors, and agriculture players make better pricing, crop selection, and sales and marketing decisions.

Our offerings

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McKinsey ACRE capability

Weather prediction

We use historical international weather data at the coordinate level to drive modeling insights.
McKinsey ACRE capability

Predictive agronomic model

We develop predictive agronomic models to generate accurate crop price forecasts.
McKinsey ACRE capability

Global cost curves

We own detailed cost curves for major crops across several locations worldwide.
McKinsey ACRE capability

Geospatial analytics

We combine layers of agricultural data into geospatial analyses to uncover local markets specificities.

ACRE by the numbers


datasets that drill down into usage, yields, cost, and margins


agriculture and food industry experts


crop and geography combinations around the world

McKinsey ACRE impact

Our Impact

80% accurate crop failure forecast

for an Indian input producer trying to identify areas with the highest risk to product sales due to drought effects.

McKinsey ACRE impact

10% growth opportunity

for a North American agricultural input supplier trying to better position sales teams through a new go-to-market approach.
McKinsey ACRE impact

20-30% increase in projected ROI

for an input supplier trying to reach a European market by focusing on areas with high product fit.

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