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The McKinsey Health Institute (MHI) collaborates with a robust network of organizations dedicated to advancing human health worldwide. We aspire to share resources, innovations, data, and findings in the public domain so others can replicate what proves effective, and look to our ecosystem partners to commit to the same.

Below are examples of leading institutions in our ecosystem. MHI welcomes ideas for collaboration from organizations aligned with our mission to help unleash 45 billion years of high-quality life. We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate across our identified six shifts and focus areas.

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988: Three digits and the nationwide effort to help millions in crisis

– Through the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and other efforts, McKinsey Health Institute is helping develop a community-based approach to crisis care across the United States.
Interactive - McKinsey Health Institute

Prioritizing brain health: Scaling what works to add years to life and life to years

– How many more years can be spent in optimal health if our society viewed mental and substance-use disorders as we do other conditions? The McKinsey Health Institute and the Healthy Brains Global Initiative collaboration sought to answer this question through a series of interactives.
Initiative - McKinsey Health Institute

Employee Mental Health and Well-being

Worldwide, one in four employees are experiencing symptoms of burnout, making them six times more likely to leave their jobs. Seven in ten employees are “struggling or suffering,” rather than “thriving,” in their overall lives and 12 billion working days are lost annually across the world due to depression and anxiety.

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