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The call to rethink government customer experience

– The White House wants to make engaging with the government easier. How can agencies meet the challenge?

Care for the caretakers: Building the global public health workforce

– Public health systems globally can play a pivotal role in addressing workforce shortages across the health ecosystem. Here are... four shifts that governments can implement today to prepare for tomorrow.

The potential value of AI—and how governments could look to capture it

– Artificial intelligence could have a significant impact on individuals, businesses, and governments. Here is what countries need... to know about the benefits—and the first steps toward realizing them.

How can individuals use their influence for positive change?

– Collaborative action across multiple sectors could help solve society’s most complex challenges.

Mission not meetings: How government leaders could avoid self-sabotage

– Government leaders get up in the morning for the mission, but they often spend their day working against the bureaucracy. This... can lead to self-sabotage, and it is not uncommon. But it can be overcome.

Pandemic to endemic: Where do US public-health systems go from here?

– As COVID-19 moves from a pandemic to an endemic disease in the United States, the country could take the opportunity to create... stronger, more equitable public-health systems.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Human capital at work: The value of experience

– Human capital represents two-thirds of wealth for the average individual—and work experience contributes almost half of... that value.

Governors-elect have transition teams. What about their cabinets?

– Unlike newly elected governors, top appointees and officials typically start their jobs without the backing of a transition team.... Still, with a strategic approach, they can hit the ground running.

Are states ready to close the US digital divide?

– More than $100 billion in federal funding is being deployed to bring broadband to every American household as part of the largest... public investment to connect Americans since the creation of the Interstate Highway System.

A new era of US infrastructure grants

– The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law introduces a new level of funding considerations for state and local governments. States with... high ambitions are already in the thick of it—what now?

How economic-development organizations can seize funding opportunities

– By harnessing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, economic-development organizations have an opportunity to effect significant... change in their communities—if they can organize themselves first.

Navigating the complexity of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

– The act funds hundreds of programs. Our BIL Navigator has been designed to help governments identify programs, monitor key deadlines,... and more.

BIL Navigator

– Explore Bipartisan Infrastructure Law programs and monitor upcoming deadlines with BIL Navigator.

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Featured Collections


US Economic Development

States, counties, and cities across the United States are reimagining their economic futures. Leaders are striving to build stronger, more equitable, and more resilient economies in the face of diverse and unprecedented challenges—including the lasting effects of the pandemic and the acceleration of technological change.

Reinvesting in America

Approximately $3 trillion in additional federal spending could enter the US economy. Will these investments be transformative? How can governments and companies harness the opportunity to advance sustainable and inclusive growth?

Tackling food insecurity and community hunger

This collection of articles and multimedia draws together McKinsey’s thinking on food insecurity. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect access to food for many, what can food banks, distribution partners, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector do to increase resilience and ensure that people across North America have reliable access to nutritious meals?

Coronavirus Vaccines Progress: What’s Next?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound effect on the world. This collection takes a closer look at the development, rollout and future of vaccines.



When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– Europe and the United States have entered the endemic stage of the COVID-19 outbreak: the virus is widespread, is significantly... less fatal than it was in 2020, and is spurring only limited changes in public behavior. These endemic conditions are likely to continue through the summer and autumn, unless and until immunity-evading new variants emerge. As immunity wanes, however, the next stage remains highly uncertain. In this update, we discuss the outlook, the current and potential future use of boosters and therapeutics, and the shifts in response strategies to the COVID-19 crisis around the world. We also introduce the McKinsey COVID-19 Immunity Index—a tool for understanding a community’s current level of risk from the disease.

How Americans are feeling about economic opportunities and the future

– The American Opportunity Survey spotlights Americans’ views on the state of the economy and other trends. What did researchers... find about how people think things are going and what the future holds?

A data-driven approach to addressing COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Africa

– To help improve COVID-19 vaccination rates across Africa, stakeholders may consider improving research efforts to gain a better... understanding of barriers and drivers behind population vaccine uptake.

Race in the workplace: The frontline experience

– Three of four frontline workers want to be promoted, but less than one in four achieves it. Companies can take targeted actions... to better support these workers.

Growing and sustaining prosperity for small-town Americans

– The divide between rural and urban communities has widened as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes rural communities’ economic recovery... further behind. How can leaders put rural regions on track to thrive?
Article - McKinsey Health Institute

In sickness and in health: How health is perceived around the world

– A new McKinsey Health Institute survey examines the views of residents in 19 countries on their physical, mental, social, and... spiritual health.
Executive Briefing

Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education

– Institutions have the potential to use their roles in teaching and learning, research scholarship and creative expression, and... service to the community to collectively work toward greater equity.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on people, places, and the revenge of places that don’t matter with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

– A leading economic geographer talks regional growth and inequality, discontent and populism, innovation, migration, and development... policies and strategies.

Unlocking the potential of public-sector IT projects

– Public-sector IT projects can leverage four drivers of performance improvement to maximize value.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on war in Ukraine, inflation, and cooperation in a fractured world with Jean Pisani-Ferry

– An eminent European economist discusses the economic challenges arising from the war in Ukraine, the spreading economic turbulence,... and the need to work together to nurture global public goods.

Building Black-owned brands to accelerate prosperity

– Black-owned businesses are crucial to America’s long-term prosperity, but they face long-time challenges. How can McKinsey’s... Next 1B accelerator help create a more inclusive environment for Black entrepreneurs?
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