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It’s time for a new approach to racial equity

– Despite decades of efforts by public-, private-, and social-sector organizations, racial inequity has only increased. Can a concerted, coordinated effort reverse this trend?

Redesigning public-sector customer experiences for equity

– Customer experiences that consider the needs and values of diverse constituents can produce more equitable government services.

Seven tips for success for new chiefs of staff at federal government agencies

– Incoming chiefs of staff have a wide array of responsibilities to fulfill and need to define clear objectives for their tenure.... These seven tips can help them successfully execute their roles.

Navigating the first 100 days: Lessons from former US cabinet members

– Five management steps can help new US executive federal appointees ensure a successful first 100 days in office.

Collaboration in crisis: Reflecting on Australia’s COVID-19 response

– Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to date offers valuable, actionable insights for decision makers worldwide.

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Food security

This collection of articles and multimedia draws together McKinsey’s thinking on food security. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect access to food for many, what can food banks, distribution partners, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector do to increase resilience and ensure that people across North America have reliable access to nutritious meals?



Improving schools: Reflections from education leaders in South Australia

– In 2018, South Australia embarked on a journey to turn their school system into world-class by 2028. Officials discuss how they... are pursuing this bold vision.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

COVID-19: Making the case for robust digital financial infrastructure

– The pandemic has been a tough, real-life stress test for government disbursement schemes, highlighting opportunities but also... gaps and vulnerabilities.

How new leaders of federal agencies can set up a great front office

– Consciously shaping the relationship between the director and the deputy director is critical for effective governance.

COVID-19 vaccines meet 100 million uncertain Americans

– More than 100 million Americans are uncertain about vaccination. Public- and private-sector leaders can take action to support... adoption, including incremental investment in the range of $10 billion.

Responding to climate risk: Actions for US state and local leaders

– Climate risk costs the United States billions each year. By acting now, state and local leaders can lessen the impact, invigorate... economies, and steer the country to a prosperous low-carbon future.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

COVID-19 has revived the social contract in advanced economies—for now. What will stick once the crisis abates?

– Massive government spending has sought to shield individuals from the economic consequences of the pandemic, reversing a long-term... trend of institutional pullback in the social contract.

How the charitable food system is adapting to life under the pandemic

– Feeding America COO Katie Fitzgerald reflects on how food banks have responded to challenges of COVID-19, and lessons learned... in the process.

COVID-19 and learning loss—disparities grow and students need help

– The pandemic has set back learning for all students, but especially for students of color. Evidence-based acceleration approaches... can help.

Navigating the state financial crisis: Moving past business-as-usual planning and budgeting post-COVID-19

– The COVID-19 pandemic has created and underscored countless financial-management challenges for state governments in the United... States. To meet these fiscal demands, states can use the budget as a strategic-management tool.

Higher education enrollment: Inevitable decline or online opportunity?

– Declines in fertility and dropping international student numbers threaten the future of many higher education institutions, but... others are prospering as they adapt to serve a more diverse and adult student base, increasingly online.

Rethinking resilience: Ten priorities for governments

– Due to the pandemic, governments are under increased pressure to act quickly and at scale. By reimagining how they work, they... can create resilient societies and public services for the next normal.
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