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America 2021

– After 2020 disrupted lives and livelihoods, the country is geared for a reset. In America 2021, leaders, innovators, and changemakers have an opportunity to make a telling difference. Here are the first in a yearlong series of our contributions to the discussion.

America 2021: Making change happen, against the odds

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: knowing how to effect change is just as important as knowing what to change.

America 2021: Renewing the nation’s commitment to climate action

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: here’s how you can help build a low-carbon economy that is resilient,... competitive, prosperous, and fair.

America 2021: The opportunity to advance racial equity

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: the task of building a more perfect society needs your help.

America 2021: Rebuilding lives and livelihoods after COVID-19

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: the post–World War II recovery offers lessons for the post-COVID-19... future.

America 2021: Building a bridge to normalcy

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a return to a normal existence... is in sight. Getting the endgame right could save thousands of lives.

Featured Collections


Food security

This collection of articles and multimedia draws together McKinsey’s thinking on food security. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect access to food for many, what can food banks, distribution partners, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector do to increase resilience and ensure that people across North America have reliable access to nutritious meals?

Coronavirus Vaccines Progress: What’s Next?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound effect on the world. This collection takes a closer look at the development, rollout and future of vaccines.



Road work ahead: The emerging revolution in the road construction industry

– Four technology trends could help improve road functionality, construction, and maintenance, creating opportunities for greater... safety, efficiency, and economic success.

Teacher survey: Learning loss is global—and significant

– While the education response to the COVID-19 pandemic has varied widely, teachers agree on the high cost of remote learning, especially... for vulnerable students.

Preserving the largest and most at-risk supply of affordable housing

– In the United States, naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) is at risk. To protect this critical asset class, stakeholders... for federal, state, and local housing can all play a role.

Investing in Black economic mobility

– Racial equity and inclusive growth can drive economic mobility and a postpandemic recovery.
Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare... for the next normal.

The next chapter: Driving technology leadership in the public sector

– Leadership transitions are an opportune time for public-sector CIOs to accelerate technology modernization using our three-vector... strategy.

Scaling online education: Five lessons for colleges

– Before the pandemic, scaling an effective online offering was optional for higher education institutions. Now it’s a necessity.

Ahead in the cloud: Transforming public-sector performance

– The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of cloud technology and analytics in delivering public-sector services. Can governments... build on what they have learned?

Self-care: Meeting contraception needs in Africa

– Adolescent girls and young women in Africa have high unmet needs for modern contraceptives. Concepts centered on self-care can... help meet these needs.

UK small and medium-size enterprises: Impact of the COVID-19 crisis

– Survey results reported toward the end of 2020 suggested that the outlook for UK SMEs was improving. Will that last?

Achieving an inclusive US economic recovery

– COVID-19 has most affected workers who were already vulnerable. Unless bold action is taken, the postpandemic recovery will further... exacerbate inequality.
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