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Reimagining public health programs to deliver equitable impact

– By placing equity at the center of public health programs, government agencies could more effectively address disparities and improve health outcomes for all Americans.

Bridging the talent gap in state government postpandemic

– Facing critical staff shortages, state Chief Administrative Officers are moving forward with newly invigorated strategies for... attracting and retaining workers.

Lessons in leadership: Leaning into ambiguity

– Judith Persichilli was confirmed as New Jersey’s commissioner of health shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently... sat down with McKinsey to share her insights on leading through crisis and ambiguity.

Building innovation ecosystems: Accelerating tech hub growth

– Innovation ecosystems can generate economic, financial, and social benefits for all, and there’s new federal funding to... build them. A six-step playbook could help leaders get them right.

Zooming in: Using local insights to inform US racial-equity efforts

– Neighborhood-level data could help cities across the United States strategically craft interventions to effect real change for... Black and Hispanic residents.

Closing the digital divide in Black America

– Five steps could help to bring broadband and digital equity to every Black household in the United States—urban and rural—while... bolstering efforts to create a more inclusive economy.

Expanding publicly funded pre-K: How to do it and do it well

– High-quality early childhood education is one of the most cost-effective ways to close achievement gaps and break the cycle of... poverty.

COVID-19 learning delay and recovery: Where do US states stand?

– While two decades of math and reading progress have been erased, US states can play an important role in helping students to catch... up.

Lessons in leadership: Getting past politics to deliver for the people

– Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, tapped Democrat Steve Kadish as his first chief of staff. Together, they developed... a framework for “moving beyond politics to get important work done.”

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The CHIPS and Science Act

The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 (CHIPS Act), signed into law on August 9, 2022, aims to power the engines of US innovation and global competitiveness through the construction of new microprocessor manufacturing and R&D facilities, expanding the nation's science and technology base, creating new regional high-tech hubs and a broader, more inclusive STEM workforce.

US Economic Development

States, counties, and cities across the United States are reimagining their economic futures. Leaders are striving to build stronger, more equitable, and more resilient economies in the face of diverse and unprecedented challenges—including the lasting effects of the pandemic and the acceleration of technological change.

Reinvesting in America

Approximately $3 trillion in additional federal spending could enter the US economy. Will these investments be transformative? How can governments and companies harness the opportunity to advance sustainable and inclusive growth?

Tackling food insecurity and community hunger

This collection of articles and multimedia draws together McKinsey’s thinking on food insecurity. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect access to food for many, what can food banks, distribution partners, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector do to increase resilience and ensure that people across North America have reliable access to nutritious meals?

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The ongoing crisis of homelessness in the Bay Area: What’s working, what’s not

– Envisioning a response to homelessness that reflects understanding that the journey into—and out of—a home is often... unique to the individual.

Lessons in leadership: Removing barriers to get more women in tech

– Judith Spitz founded Break Through Tech to enroll more women, especially women of color, in computer science courses and connect... them with companies that might otherwise overlook them.

One year into the BIL: Catalyzing US investments in energy

– The legislation provides an opportunity to improve the country’s clean-power infrastructure. More than a year since its... signing, we take stock of announced funding, programs, and the road ahead.

Virtual health for all: Closing the digital divide to expand access

– Affordable broadband with wraparound support could expand access to cost-efficient virtual health for underserved communities.... Seven actions could help state and local leaders unlock this opportunity.

K–12 teachers are quitting. What would make them stay?

– New McKinsey research shows that nearly a third of US K–12 educators are thinking of leaving their jobs. But there are steps... districts could take to attract and retain the teachers the nation needs.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

‘Confidence without attitude is critical for today’s leaders’

– In the fourth episode of The Quarterly Interview: Provocations to Ponder, Ann Harrison, dean of the Haas School of Business,... talks about what it takes to develop leaders for the modern era, and what makes for a great business education today.
Interview - McKinsey Health Institute

Dame Sally Davies: ‘Make the healthy choice the easy choice’

– UK physician and healthcare leader Dame Sally Davies says governments, employers, and individuals share responsibility for good... health.

Author Talks: The world’s longest study of adult development finds the key to happy living

– Harvard study director Robert Waldinger provides the data-backed answer to what makes people live happier and longer lives and... shares the choices anyone can make to start feeling more fulfilled right now.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Rekindling US productivity for a new era

– Regaining historical rates of productivity growth would add $10 trillion to US GDP—a boost needed to confront workforce... shortages, debt, inflation, and the energy transition.

Federal financial management: How governments can do more with the budgets they have

– Tools that enable more agile and transparent financial management can help government leaders tie resources directly to mission... outcomes, boosting the impact of taxpayer funds.

A guide to impact investing in Black economic mobility

– Eight socioeconomic pillars can support the growth of Black-owned businesses and increase opportunities for Black communities.
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