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Digital & Analytics
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Digital & Analytics

Improving efficiency and delivery of government services 
We leverage digital and analytics to help improve the quality of life for citizens and to support companies and governments to be more productive.

What we do

Government digitization

Digitize government service delivery to make it truly citizen-centric, while also making organizations more productive.

Advanced analytics

Harness data and advanced analytics to drive use-cases at scale, improving efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making processes.

Value assurance

Successfully execute IT megaprojects to enable delivery on business value and get major projects back on track.

Digital economy

Accelerate digital adoption by industry, developing new growth ecosystems and fixing the digital-enabling infrastructure, talent, and regulation.

Technology management and delivery model

Manage enterprise architecture and IT or technology modernization, transformation, and IT consolidation.

Process optimization and automation

Redesign, optimize, and automate processes and free up resources for activities that add more value.


Implement the right policies, processes, and operating models to handle cybersecurity challenges.

Examples of our work

Implementing whole of government digitization program

We implemented a national digital transformation program to digitize several hundred public services for the country. We introduced agile methods to significantly accelerate the production of results, reduced the deployment time of a new service by 50 to 75 percent and created awareness and support for the program through innovative communication formats, such as live user tests.

Reimagining government services as customer-centric journeys

We designed and reimagined a “one-stop shop” unified platform for a government app by employing design thinking to deliver personalized and proactive services to create over 80 “citizen journeys” for a Middle Eastern government agency.

Improving citizen satisfaction and adoption rates for digital services

We helped a major labor agency achieve a 20 percent increase in citizen satisfaction and increase adoption rate by 100 percent from the redesign of all digital interactions.

Reducing application processing time for childhood benefit payments

We helped a European country achieve an 80 percent reduction of application time for child-benefits payment through an end-to-end digitization effort.

Featured insights


Why governments need an AI strategy: A conversation with the WEF’s head of AI

– The strengths and weaknesses of individual economies vary. But if artificial intelligence is to fulfill its promise, every country... needs a plan for how best to use it.

Accelerating AI impact by taming the data beast

– Government agencies seeking to deploy artificial intelligence face hurdles in data awareness, availability, and quality. A five-step,... mission-based data strategy can help sidestep these challenges.

Implementing agile ways of working in IT to improve citizen experience

– Government agencies are under pressure to deliver more and better services to their stakeholders. Agile ways of working can be... transformative.

How Singapore is harnessing design to transform government services

– Singapore has put design at the heart of its public sector improvement initiatives—making it a potent source of learning... for other governments.

Featured capabilities

Digital transformation diagnostic: An integrated review of all key digital levers across a public and social sector organization, identifying the scale and focus of citizen-experience transformation as well as opportunity for internal digital transformation.

Citizen experience accelerator:  A set of aspirational citizen-experience designs and prototypes—with views on necessary technical enablers—to create transformative resident experiences.

Government digitization:  A digital solution to rapidly digitize public services and administrative processes.

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