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Value-assuring the transformation
Cloud service provider sourcing support
Cloud financial management (FinOps)
Resilient foundations and architecture
Cloud security
Mainframe modernization
Cloud maturity assessments

Case studies

System consolidation
Consolidated and migrated a statewide eligibility system
Cloud migration
Transitioned a state-level technology agency to the cloud
Cloud spending optimization
Optimized a federal agency’s cloud spend
Cloud transformation
Implemented end-to-end cloud transformation and cloud infrastructure build

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Abdallah Saleme
PartnerNew Jersey
Helps organizations develop innovative strategies and transform technology capabilities to better serve stakeholders
Ankur Ghia
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Specializes in helping public- and private-sector organizations to use technology to transform their product and service delivery,...
Charlie Lewis
Helps leading institutions transform the approach to cybersecurity to protect what matters most and create a secure and sustainable...
Colin Gunter
Skilled in helping clients leverage the capabilities of public cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, and GCP to address complex...
Gayatri Shenai
PartnerNew York
Uses digital and analytics to help public- and private-sector institutions transform operational performance and improve competitive...
Hrishika Vuppala
Senior PartnerSouthern California
Leader in the global digital and analytics work for our Public Sector and Healthcare clients with a focus on driving innovative...
James Kaplan
PartnerNew York
Helps organizations transform their technology, infrastructure, and cybersecurity for lasting impact
Mike McCarthy
Helps public sector and tech suppliers develop digital services and modernize their IT
Wasim Lala
PartnerWashington DC
Helps public- and private-sector organizations build and execute their technology agenda at pace to create magic for their stakeholders...

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Blog Post

How to find value in the cloud

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In search of cloud value: Can generative AI transform cloud ROI?

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The FinOps way: How to avoid the pitfalls to realizing cloud’s value
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Projecting the global value of cloud: $3 trillion is up for grabs for companies that go beyond adoption
The cloud transformation engine
The cloud transformation engine
How public-sector tech leaders can speed up the journey to the cloud
How public-sector tech leaders can speed up the journey to the cloud

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