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Our People

Global leaders

Marcus Sieberer

Senior Partner, Zurich
Advises financial-services companies, payments providers, private-equity firms, and the public sector on corporate governance, strategy, enterprise...

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York
Coleads McKinsey’s global banking and securities practice and leads high-impact digital transformations, helping companies improve performance,...

Jacob Dahl

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads McKinsey's Financial Services Practice in Asia and emerging markets, helping major finance companies drive strategy, mergers, and performance...

Gökhan Sari

Senior Partner, Istanbul
Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

Alexandre Sawaya

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Financial Institutions and the Risk Management Practices in Latin America

Matthieu Lemerle

Senior Partner, London
Supports corporate and investment banks, brokers, and exchanges as they optimize their operations to achieve sustainable productivity and co-ordinates...

Global leaders – insurance

Stephan Binder

Senior Partner, Zurich
Leverages deep knowledge of the global insurance industry to advise executives on strategy, distribution, and operations

Brad Mendelson

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads the insurance work in Asia and serves insurers and other financial-services companies on strategy, operations, and transformations

Kurt Strovink

Senior Partner, New York
Leads our insurance work globally, serving life insurance, wealth management, and property and casualty insurance companies on strategy, corporate...

Corporate & Investment Banking

Roger Rudisuli

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises leading banks, broker-dealers, capital markets infrastructure providers, and asset managers on their core strategic, risk-management,...

Helmut Heidegger

Senior Partner, Vienna
Helps banks worldwide address issues concerning regulatory impact, business model redesign, performance enhancement, reorganization, process...

Jared Moon

Senior Partner, London
Leads our corporate- and investment-banking work in EMEA, helping clients across sell-side, buy-side, and market infrastructure to transform...

Akash Lal

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Brings deep expertise in wholesale banking. Works with financial institutions across India, Greater China, and Southeast Asia on business strategy,...

Fintech and Leap

Alexis Krivkovich

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Managing Partner of our San Francisco office. Advises senior executives, helping them drive change at scale, while building capabilities and...

Pradip Patiath

Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises financial institutions on transforming their performance and achieving superior growth with digital and analytics

Adele Taylor

Partner, San Francisco
Guides asset and wealth managers, recordkeepers, and retail banks as they seek growth and performance against a backdrop of dynamic change.

Tunde Olanrewaju

Senior Partner, London
Advises leading wholesale- and retail-banking clients on issues of strategy, organization, operations, and technology

Tarik Alatovic

Partner, Johannesburg
Leads our digital and analytics practice serving telecom and financial services clients.


Pradip Patiath

Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises financial institutions on transforming their performance and achieving superior growth with digital and analytics

Professional Services

Suhrid Gajendragadkar

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Serves as a leader in the Financial Services Practice with a focus on banking, working with financial institutions, financial regulators, and...

Alex D’Amico

Senior Partner, New York
Guides clients to create long-term value by setting enterprise strategy and pursuing rapid performance improvement while strengthening organizational...

Elizabeth Young McNally

Partner, Stamford
Enables organizations to deliver lasting change by working with them to accelerate execution, develop leaders, and equip their people to win

Julie Goran

Partner, New York
Helps executives transform the organization to pursue growth and seize digital opportunities. Leader of McKinsey's digital organization work...

Chandni Sachdeva

Associate Partner, New York
Enables clients to achieve their strategic goals by helping them develop talent capabilities and changing and adapting the way they work

Albert Bollard

Partner, New York
Helps financial and professional services institutions navigate shifts in their business models, improve performance, and strengthen organizational...

Public Sector

Geneviève Bonin

Partner, Toronto
Advises public-sector organizations on strategy, innovation, and complex transformational programs to improve value realization

Holger Harreis

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Coleads our work in data transformations and delivery within McKinsey Digital, and leads global knowledge management for our global Risk Practice;...

Retail Banking

Ashwin Adarkar

Senior Partner, Southern California
Advises a diverse range of financial institutions on driving transformational change through strategic innovation, step-change operational performance...

Klaus Dallerup

Partner, Copenhagen
Advises clients within the financial, private-equity, and technology sectors on a variety of issues, including digital, strategic, and operational...

Vito Giudici

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Helps domestic and global financial institutions accelerate growth and achieve substantial and lasting performance improvement

Paul Hyde

Senior Partner, New York
Works with senior executives of financial institutions to maximize performance through executing strategic growth initiatives, improving efficiency,...

Marukel Nunez Maxwell

Partner, New York
Helps a diverse set of global institutions on a range of topics including strategy, revenue growth, and performance improvement

Igor Yasenovets

Partner, Moscow
Leads projects on strategic development, improvement in organizational design, transformation of global branch networks, efficiency improvement...


Marie-Claude Nadeau

Partner, San Francisco
Advises executives in financial services, technology, and retail as they set effective growth and go-to-market strategies and build stronger...

Philip E. Bruno

Partner, New York
Works with financial services, nonfinancial and technology companies to develop and implement payments strategies, products, and infrastructure

Carlos Trascasa

Senior Partner, Madrid
With over 25 years' experience, advises large private and state-owned institutions on performance improvement plans, major transformation programs,...

Wealth & Asset Management

Pooneh Baghai

Senior Partner, Toronto
Works with global asset and wealth managers, banks, and insurers on strategic and operational challenges and organizational opportunities

Onur Erzan

Senior Partner, New York
Provides counsel to global leaders in wealth and asset management with a focus on using data analytics to drive decision making

Sid Azad

Partner, London
Advises banks, asset managers, and life insurers across Europe on retail banking, private banking, and wealth management, particularly go-to-market...

Fumiaki Katsuki

Partner, Tokyo
Fumiaki helps lead the Financial Services Practice in Japan and Asia Pacific. His clients include both domestic and multinational institutions...

Rogerio Mascarenhas

Partner, Lagos
Managing Partner advising senior clients from the private and public sectors