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We help clients find real business value from social media.

We have extensive experience working with leading organizations across industries to tackle the toughest challenges in social media. In our client work we’ve covered the following areas:


Develop and help execute a comprehensive social media strategy

An effective strategy begins with a thorough assessment of the social media environment, including a comprehensive understanding of the customers and their needs. Building on our experience across industries developing successful strategies, we help clients define a clear vision, determine investment needs for optimal returns, create an organization plan that works for each unique company, and develop a detailed implementation road map with check points to manage risk. And then we help our clients execute the strategy.


Develop relevant organizations and build capabilities for effective social media management

We balance client aspirations in social media with the specifics of client culture to design an effective social media organization. Options include social media command centers, centers of excellence, and distributed embedded capabilities. We help define social media governance and management processes, roles and responsibilities, skills, and resource requirements.


Determine those social media initiatives that drive the best returns

We bring an analytical rigor to social media that moves beyond “fans” and “follows” to measure business impact on the bottom line. We combine our extensive client experience, benchmarks, and proprietary tools to take the guesswork out of social media while focusing on business metrics. While our advanced media mix modeling (MMM) helps determine social media’s effect within a multichannel environment, our approach helps clients accurately model future performance. Our approach also links detailed performance metrics to the company's management systems in order to keep social media accountable.


Develop needs-based differentiated social media marketing programs

We work with clients, and often with client agencies, to generate, synthesize, evaluate, and fine- tune high-impact social media marketing programs. We focus on the facts, relying on a deep understanding of unmet customer needs, and on the competitive social media marketing environment. Our unique programs that deliver significant business impact.

Customer Service

Deliver ”social care” that meets customer needs cost effectively

We bring detailed know-how to help clients bring their social-media based customer service (“social care”) to world class levels. We help clients develop the business case for social care, and design the social care organization, governance, and management processes. We support clients’ efforts in ongoing root cause analysis and issue resolution to drive continuous improvement.

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Product/Service Innovation

Tap the “world’s largest focus group” to uncover unmet needs

Social media conversations provide rich insights that can inform new offering development and refine existing products and services. Through deep social media listening we identify unmet consumer needs, pain points and passions, and specific ideas for product and service improvements—and then use these insights to feed client product innovation processes in a cost effective manner.

Risk Management

Create active and reactive programs that mitigate the risks of social media

Our team brings extensive experience (including in highly regulated industries such as pharma/healthcare and financial services) in helping clients protect and defend their corporate and brand reputations in social media. We help clients strike the right balance between opportunities and risk through the optimal use of risk management tools, structures, and processes.

Analytics & Metrics

Discover business opportunities and track brand health through advanced social media analysis and metrics

Analytics—our comprehensive social media research delivers insights into:

  • Customer segmentation—we identify which segments are most active online, and what characterizes their conversations and needs
  • Customer Decision Journey (CDJ)—we map social media conversation to each stage of the customer decision journey, revealing unmet customer needs and passion/pain points from consideration through to post-purchase service

Metrics—rigorous and continual measurement helps clients track:

  • Customer Service Sentiment (CSS)—how cross-channel customer service experience is reflected in customer posts in social media
  • Overall corporate and brand health—how customers value industry-specific drivers (such as price, quality, level of innovation) by industry over time


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