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Green Business Building

Empowering businesses focused on creating a sustainable future

We are entering a phase of unprecedented innovation. Green-growth opportunities are leading the way, and new models for resource efficiency are emerging at a rapid pace.

We work with climate-focused innovators from prefunded start-ups and unicorns to entrepreneurial incumbents. We help them build new businesses that drive global sustainability efforts. We support clients through every stage of the journey, from strategic vision to market assessments, sustainable product design, financing, and talent strategy.

What we do

Building sustainability-focused businesses

Our Leap by McKinsey methodology has developed more than 200 successful new business builds. We’re applying the Leap methodology in a sustainability context, from startups to green unicorns.

Climate-focused innovation

We help clients develop a strategic climate-focused vision, including market assessment, product design, financing, capital projects, net-zero supply chain, manufacturing operations, and talent strategy.

Green technology and finance expertise

Our green-technology expertise is broad and reaches from proprietary research on carbon and energy systems to a deep knowledge of finance and hands-on experience reducing emissions across multiple industries.

Examples of our work

Energy storage

We helped a manufacturer of energy storage technology bring scale and sustainability to every aspect of its operations. Our work focused on securing new capital, optimizing the supply chain, decarbonizing development, developing a go-to-market strategy, and scaling up talent.


We helped a solar developer optimize its operations, transform its sales capabilities, manage an acquisition, and navigate the solar-investment tax credit (ITC) stepdown. The result: 15 times market-cap growth, twofold sales effectiveness, and a 30 percent increase in operational effectiveness.

Green ammonia

We worked with an electricity generation company to validate the business case for a green ammonia plant, establish the optimal plant configuration, define the business model, and identify opportunities for future applications.

Featured Insight

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– Launching a successful new business concept requires a strong purpose, a focus on research, an innovative business model, and a willingness to adapt to the market.

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