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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?

– People keep quitting at record levels, yet companies are still trying to attract and retain them the same old ways. New research identifies five types of workers that employers can reach to fill jobs.

Network effects: How to rebuild social capital and improve corporate performance

– People’s professional networks have shrunk since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, while companies’ attrition and... hiring challenges are growing. To help reverse these trends, people and organizations will need to manage workplace interactions more intentionally. Here’s how.

Learning and earning: The bold moves that change careers

– McKinsey’s report on human capital highlights the importance of internal mobility in organizations. Here’s how to encourage your... employees to try more new things.

A single approach to culture transformation may not fit all

– It can be hard for organizations with many independent business units to achieve cohesion among them and transform their culture.... Remember: it’s better to bend than break.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Meet the psychological needs of your people—all your people

– Too many employers pay too little heed to the needs of the lower earners in their company. Here’s why—and how—they should shift... gears.

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The office of the future: A whole new (floor) plan

– Revisiting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? Think hard about the purpose and design of your office space.

Stave off attrition with an internal talent marketplace

– Is your best talent hiding in plain sight? An internal talent marketplace helps match existing employees to open roles—in novel and sometimes unexpected ways.

Is worker power on the rise?

– Quitting is up, and so are wages. As the Great Attrition persists, employer–employee dynamics appear to be changing. But who actually benefits—and how durably?

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Executive Briefing

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– A more inclusive approach to mobility will lead to faster decarbonization. Our weekly digest of McKinsey insights explores that... topic.

‘Making the world a better place never feels like work’: An interview with chief DEI officer Indhira Arrington

– Ares Management’s first global chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer is building the company’s DEI strategy... from the ground up. Here’s how she’s doing it.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Rules of the road: Equitably serving Black automotive consumers

– Black consumers’ automotive spending is projected to grow, and companies have opportunities to create more equitable experiences.

Race in the workplace: The frontline experience

– Three of four frontline workers want to be promoted, but less than one in four achieves it. Companies can take targeted actions... to better support these workers.

The Great Attrition in frontline retail—and what retailers can do about it

– New research reveals which aspects of the employee experience matter most to US frontline retail workers. Retailers must pay attention... and act quickly or risk losing more than half their store staff.

Apprenticeship gets a makeover

– It may sound like an outdated term, but apprenticeship remains a powerful tool in today’s businesses for building skills,... increasing collaboration, and retaining talent.

Bridging the advancement gap: What frontline employees want—and what employers think they want

– Improving opportunities for low-wage hourly employees to advance their careers can raise US workforce skill levels and give a... powerful boost to inclusion.
Executive Briefing

Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education

– Institutions have the potential to use their roles in teaching and learning, research scholarship and creative expression, and... service to the community to collectively work toward greater equity.

A single approach to culture transformation may not fit all

– It can be hard for organizations with many independent business units to achieve cohesion among them and transform their culture.... Remember: it’s better to bend than break.

Mission not meetings: How government leaders could avoid self-sabotage

– Government leaders get up in the morning for the mission, but they often spend their day working against the bureaucracy. This... can lead to self-sabotage, and it is not uncommon. But it can be overcome.

Active allyship: Do your LGBTQ+ employees feel supported and included?

– Companies highlight their outreach efforts during Pride Month, but LGBTQ+ workers persistently report microaggressions and feelings... of isolation at work. Here’s how LGBTQ+ employees report their workplace experience.
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