Digitizing Operations
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Digitizing Operations

Transform customer journeys and processes with automation, digitization, advanced analytics, and design thinking

In a digital age, organizations are pursuing a step change in operational productivity and the customer experience. Working at scale throughout the enterprise, we help clients realize new value from these changes with two significant shifts:

  • moving away from siloed, uncoordinated improvement efforts toward integrated operational-transformation programs based on customer journeys.
  • moving away from using individual technologies or capabilities toward the application of these innovations in an integrated, well-sequenced way, enabling maximum impact.


Digital services

Focusing on customer journeys, we help clients develop next-generation operating models that combine digital technologies and operational capabilities seamlessly.


We help clients capture opportunities from automation and artificial intelligence by focusing on people, aspiration setting, IT engagement, in-house capabilities, and value capture.

Advanced analytics

We support clients in using advanced analytics, as well as data and visualization, in optimization, prediction, simulation, and comparison. Data and models are converted into actionable insights, and impact is sustained by developing institutional skills and structures.

By the numbers


productivity increase


improvement in process and increase in digital product-release speed


increase in customer satisfaction

Featured videos and interviews

Analytics and automation in telcos: An interview with Nokia’s VP of global service delivery

Digital operating models and new data-driven tools can not only deliver value to customers but can also help keep operators’ own houses in order.

The Western Union Way of digital transformation

The transformation of a legacy company whose roots lie in the telegraph era involves more than just lean deployments and agile methodologies. It requires a change in processes and culture, the adoption of a common lingo, executive buy-in, and a center of excellence to ensure enterprise-wide success.

An insurance company transforms itself by putting technology first

Anthem wanted to transform itself from a healthcare business that uses technology into a technology company that runs a healthcare business. This goal required a comprehensive digital-adoption strategy, enterprise-wide buy-in, the ability to attract and retain new talent, and a tolerance for failure.

Featured capabilities

Go-and-see visits

We develop learning programs that allow participants to visit advanced organizations and see transformations (such as in digital, automation, analytics, agile, and operational excellence) in action.

Experience Studio

Our global network of immersive-learning spaces is designed to accelerate digital transformation. Clients can be inspired by new technologies, enlightened by peers and best practices, and connected with thought leaders around the world.

Digital Academy

We have established a broad range of learning interventions to help individuals and organizations develop foundational knowledge, mind-sets, and skills for core digital, automation, and analytics issues and thereby deliver measurable, sustained business impact.

Automation 20/20

Our solution, backed by a benchmark database, helps identify the critical gaps that are preventing organizations from realizing their full automation potential.

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Meet our people

Jasper van Ouwerkerk
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Shapes large-scale capability transformation programs, including digitization. Leads McKinsey's work in service operations
Alex Singla
Senior Partner, Chicago
Global leader of McKinsey Analytics; advises clients on strategy, digital and analytics, operations, and enterprise transformation to achieve step-change and sustainable improvement in value creation; and works across industries, with a focus on financial services and insurance
Rohit Sood
Senior Partner, Toronto
Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors win in new ways
Rob Whiteman
Partner, Chicago
Improves the performance and efficiency of corporate and business functions, such as finance and HR, primarily through the use of automation technologies, including robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing
Elixabete Larrea Tamayo
Partner, Boston
Brings a depth of experience in serving property-and-casualty insurers, specializing in designing next-generation operating models
Jesús Moreno Sosa
Partner, Buenos Aires
Leads digital-transformation programs—improving customer experience, driving revenue, and reducing costs—and leads the customer experience group in Latin America
Martin Weis
Partner, Zurich
Leads digital transformation journeys, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation, on behalf of clients in industries such as automotive, high tech, energy, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products
Nuno Catarino
Senior Partner, Lisbon, Luanda
Leads our customer care work, helping leaders in the banking, telecommunications, media, cement, and pulp and paper industries improve their operations and customer-care processes
Sal Arora
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise in operations and broad-based transformations for clients across the transportation and industrial sectors
Thierry Chesnais
Partner, Hong Kong
Helps technology and industrial companies in Greater China to grow and transform through digital and analytics
Martin Rosendahl
Partner, London
Helps organizations capture the full potential of transformation, with a focus on process improvement, offshoring and outsourcing, digital, and automation
Thomas Carlsen
Partner, Brisbane
Delivers digital transformations, focusing on service operations and customer experience for banking, telecommunications, industrial, and energy companies