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Hyperscience & McKinsey

Our collaboration

Our collaboration with Hyperscience allows clients to optimize decision making, employee efficiency and customer experience by combining the Hyperscience Platform with McKinsey’s proven productivity strategies. Hyperscience's easily configurable and scalable machine-learning-powered platform allows teams to identify and remove complex automation obstacles, resulting in a 67 percent increase in data processing accuracy, a 10x faster processing time, and a 90 percent cost reduction.

McKinsey has a minority equity stake in Hyperscience.

Client Impact

Extracting and reconciling co-applicant account information for a global investment firm

In five weeks, we deployed our machine-learning-powered automation technology to analyze and index over one million files, including handwritten text, faxes, and low-resolution images. This resulted in the processing speed doubling, and processing throughput quadrupling in less than a month.

Helping turnaround a struggling automation program at a large investment company

We stood up five automation labs generating more than $6 million per year in savings utilizing Hyperscience and robotic-process-automation (RPA) technologies. With a 97 percent accuracy rate requirement, the client saw 85 percent automation across 250,000 pages immediately after implementation.

Identifying potential sales conduct issues

Using our industry data to identify expected client characteristics and advisor practices, we used risk scores to identify abnormal practices, allowing risk and compliance resources to be deployed 300 percent more effectively.

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