McKinsey launches Value Finder with SAP to rewire value creation

McKinsey is pleased to announce the launch of a new capability with SAP: Value Finder. Informed by the digital transformation roadmap and approach described in Rewired: The McKinsey guide to outcompeting in the age of digital and AI, Value Finder rapidly analyzes and prioritizes thousands of potential process-optimization opportunities for clients—using a proprietary McKinsey and SAP technology portfolio with gen AI—to capture measurable productivity growth and asset efficiency benefits enabled by SAP S/4HANA transformations.

Value Finder builds on the long-standing alliance McKinsey has with SAP. It is a complement to the Generative Enterprise offering launched by McKinsey and SAP in January to unlock synergies between SAP Business AI and QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey to help leaders build sustainable, resilient, and adaptive businesses.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with SAP to bring this new capability to our clients and continue accelerating their journey to capture value from their ERP-enabled digital transformations,” says McKinsey senior partner Bjørnar Jensen.

By using a suite of proprietary McKinsey and SAP technology—including SAP Signavio process analysis and optimization solutions, McKinsey’s gen AI solution Lilli, and SAP Business AI—Value Finder analyzes thousands of value levers, hundreds of industry benchmarks, and trends to enable rapid, precise, and actionable assessments of business-process improvements across clients’ SAP S/4HANA transformations.

“This is a great flagship example of how we bring the power of our gen AI strategic alliance ecosystem to drive impact for our clients,” explains Ben Ellencweig, a senior partner who leads alliances, acquisitions, and partnerships globally for QuantumBlack, the AI consulting arm of McKinsey. “Value Finder is transforming how we serve our clients as value orchestrators, leveraging SAP and McKinsey technology.”

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Value Finder has already been deployed successfully at several companies, demonstrating significant benefits. At a global agribusiness company planning an SAP S/4HANA transformation, Value Finder uncovered over $100 million in process-optimization opportunities. McKinsey and SAP worked with Brenntag to unlock business-process insights as the anchor point across its SAP S/4HANA journey and identified value potential five times compared to the original business case. A major chemicals company leveraged Value Finder to re-baseline its SAP S/4HANA business case, certify value capture with the board, and identify 10 to 15 percent potential incremental benefits in order-to-cash.

The capability has also delivered impact at McKinsey. Following our recent SAP S/4HANA transformation, Value Finder was applied to compare process performance indicators against industry benchmarks. “While some process performance indicators were at par or better, we were able to identify several meaningful opportunities to improve and unlock value in spend optimization and cash collection due to divergent S/4HANA process execution patterns,” says Nitin Khapre, the director of finance, innovation, and technology who led the McKinsey technology transformation.

“These are just a few real-world examples of the difference Value Finder is already making for our clients and within McKinsey,” says Darwin Deano, a McKinsey partner and architect of Generative Enterprise. “We are proud of what we’re helping them achieve, and they inspire us to do even more. We will continue to raise our ambitions and push this work farther to help business leaders prepare for future challenges and build true resilience: the ability to thrive in a world of relentless disruption.”

“We are excited about the capabilities of Value Finder and the profound impact it has already had on our clients' transformation journeys,” says Rouven Morato, general manager and chief revenue officer SAP Signavio and SAP LeanIX. “This tool is a testament to our commitment to co-innovation and our focus on delivering sustainable value and impact through technology.”

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