Many traditional grocery retailers face challenges in growing, consolidating and defending their market position—and they need to act quickly to continue to compete.

We work with grocers to sharpen their end-to-end commercial offerings—from category strategy and management to assortment planning and optimization, pricing and promotions, personalization and loyalty, vendor management, and fresh.

We transform our client’s grocery store operations, supply chains and procurement processes. Our work has resulted in significantly increased sales, reduced operating costs, and inventory optimization for our grocery clients.

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The State of Grocery Retail 2021 - North America

This report is part of McKinsey’s broader global series The State of Grocery Retail, an annual publication covering three continents (including Asia–Pacific, the European Union, and North America). Our goal is to frame major trends and issues for CEOs seeking to stay ahead of market shifts. To bring a holistic view of industry dynamics, we complemented our colleagues’ insights and analyses with surveys and interviews with grocery executives.

Disruption & uncertainty: The state of European grocery retail 2021

Our partnership with EuroCommerce provides executives with a comprehensive view on an industry forced to adapt at unprecedented speed.

Prioritizing flexibility: How grocers can get the most out of technology

– Grocers have realized technology is core to their strategies, but flexibility is key to generate value from new technologies—now and in the future.

The path forward for European grocery retailers

– COVID-19 changed the market in unprecedented ways in the past months. Now evolving consumer demands also require grocery retailers to adopt new strategies to increase performance and pursue growth.

Beating the shrink on grocery shelves

– How leading grocers are reducing waste and bolstering profits while keeping pace with shoppers’ changing needs.

Clean up in every aisle

– Here’s how regional grocers are staying competitive with 21st-century approaches to improving margins.

Digital disruption at the grocery store

– Five trends are shaping the transformation of the US grocery industry. Understanding them is key for grocers to achieve profitable growth in this new competitive environment.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Speak softly, make tough decisions: An interview with Alibaba Group chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang

– The chairman and CEO of China’s e-commerce giant describes Alibaba’s approach to innovation and how he balances analytics and instinct to push himself to spot hidden opportunities.

Auchan China’s chairman on the future of grocery

– Ludovic Holinier, executive chairman of Auchan Retail China, reflects on his two-year stint as CEO of China’s largest hypermarket chain and shares his views on what lies ahead for food retailers.

The ever-changing store: Taking an agile, customer-centric approach to format redesign

– Many retailers believe—rightly—that format redesign is often too risky, takes too long, and costs too much. There’s a better way.

Reviving grocery retail: Six imperatives

– In the United States and Western Europe, many traditional grocery retailers are seeing their sales and margins fall—and things could get even worse. Here’s how to reverse the trend.

How analytics and digital will drive next-generation retail merchandising

– As merchandising in retail continues to evolve with the integration of analytics and other digital solutions, merchants need to become much more nimble and ready to fulfill customer needs.

Who’s shopping where? The power of geospatial analytics in omnichannel retail

– Using advanced geospatial analytics, retailers can now quantify the true economic value of each of their stores across channels—and they’re uncovering surprising insights.

In fresh-food retailing, quality matters more than price

– Our survey of 23,000 European shoppers reveals specific ways grocers can win in fresh fruits and vegetables, boosting sales by as much as 10 percent even in a flat market.

How retailers can improve price perception—profitably

– New methodologies, powered by big data and advanced analytics, can help retailers attract value-conscious consumers without sacrificing margins.

Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale

– Personalization drives growth. But to scale it, companies need to do four things.

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