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Rickard Vallöf


Helps leading retailers and consumer-facing industries in Scandinavia with full-scale transformations

Rickard leads the firm’s retail and consumer work in Norway and Sweden, specializing in full-scale transformations and strategies for profitability and growth. He also helps clients secure a customer-oriented approach. Rickard is oriented toward aiding organizational and industrial leaders in driving long-term impact and change by engendering company-wide transformations influencing thousands of employees. In retail organizations with around 10,000 frontline employees, Rickard accomplishes this by changing the mind-set of executives toward a focus on transformational ideas.

Some of his recent client work includes:

  • implementing a multiyear retail transformation addressing pricing, promotions, formatting strategy, network optimization, in-store excellence, and sales-channel excellence
  • helping engender several consumer-product value-creation programs across Europe and in India and the United States
  • aiding in end-to-end commercial transformations across consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) opportunities, including both fast-moving goods and slow movers
  • mapping key retail trends, ambitions, and implications for CPG players

Rickard has been with the firm for the past decade and is deeply committed to developing the future of private consumption by doing things like analyzing the consumption of food, discovering ways to enhance quality of life and everyday convenience, and utilizing spare time to do away with common inefficiencies through digitization and the simplification of routine processes.

Published work

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Past experience

SEB (Sweden)
Client assistance

Kinnefrukt AB (Sweden)
Key account manager


Georgia Institute of Technology
MBA, business and management

Chalmers University of Technology
MS, BS, industrial engineering

Gothenburg School of Economics and Commercial Law
BS, economics