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Global Public Health

Improving health outcomes for those in greatest need

We help foundations, governments, international organizations, and healthcare companies address urgent healthcare challenges and crises, prioritizing access to equitable, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare for the poorest and most vulnerable populations.


Emergency preparedness

Build resilient response systems, as well as support response to infectious disease outbreaks and public safety crises, both globally and on the ground in affected countries.


Develop strategies and structures to improve health outcomes among underserved or at-risk populations


Spur health innovations for new products, programs, and services that improve health outcomes

Market dynamics and supply chains

Improve access to critical health commodities by strengthening markets and transforming supply chains


Strengthen global health organizations and build client capabilities to master change so that organizations can deliver on their healthcare missions

Data and analytics

Bring leading-edge data and analytic capabilities and solutions to help global health organizations translate insights into action


Strengthen healthcare-delivery systems to improve access to high-quality care

Design in global health

Work with partners to incorporate human-centered design principles to improve health products, systems, and services


Supporting Ebola-outbreak response and recovery

We provided strategic and operational support to help our international partners rapidly respond to the Ebola epidemic. Following the epidemic, we supported the presidential team of a country in Africa in its efforts to develop a national recovery plan that would restore healthcare services, get children back to school, and support vulnerable groups.

Battling polio in Nigeria

We supported the Nigerian government and its international partners in developing emergency operating centers (EOCs), an innovative approach to reducing the number of polio cases in the country drastically. EOCs have helped the government achieve a sixfold increase in the coverage of polio vaccinations in high-risk areas and continue to be critical to eradicating polio in Nigeria.

Turning the tide against malaria

We worked across major stakeholders to define the innovation strategy for next-generation therapeutics, build a digital management tool (now used across 25 countries in Africa), and deploy other initiatives that ultimately reduced the number of deaths from malaria.

Improving vaccine access across Africa

We used logistics practices from the consumer-goods industry to strengthen Africa’s vaccine supply chain, with the aim of improving last-mile distribution and reducing vaccine stockouts. In one country, vaccine stocks increased, immunization levels rose by 20 to 40 percent, and cold chain-costs fell by 25 percent.


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