COVID-19 Response Center Tool Hub


Reopening workplaces

Returning to work
Designing and implementing contactless services and operations

Reopening workplaces by industry and type

B2B food services
Department of Motor Vehicles
Industrial facilities
Life insurance
Quick-service restaurants
Rail operations
Retail banking
Retail grocery
Retail nongrocery
Waste management

Core business support functions

COVID-19 response checklists for CHROs
COVID-19 response checklist for CFOs
COVID-19 response checklist for CIOs and IT leaders
COVID-19 response checklist for contact centers

Marketing and sales

COVID-19 return and response checklists for B2B marketing leaders
COVID-19 response checklist for B2C marketing leaders

Supply chain management

Rethinking the consumer goods supply chain in response to COVID-19
COVID-19 response checklist for supply-chain leaders

Public Sector

Public health

Where to source personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis
Airway protection fact pack
Diagnostic technology fact pack
COVID-19 critical supply list
COVID-19 essential drug list
COVID-19 vaccine and diagnostics value chains


Remote learning strategy
Hybrid learning
Organizing for the response

US response

Organizing to address the crisis
Addressing the public-health crisis
Addressing the economic impact of the crisis
Meeting the demand for public services
Caring for the most vulnerable populations