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Resources to help government, business, and healthcare leaders navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Business: Reopening workplaces | Core business support functions | Marketing and sales | Supply chain management

Public sector: Public health | Education | US response



Reopening workplaces

Returning to work

Presents interventions that have been used in companies around the globe, across the manufacturing and retail sectors, and in office and field environments.

Designing and implementing contactless services and operations

Provides a framework for designing and implementing contactless experiences for customers and employees, in light of risk factors associated with COVID-19.

Reopening workplaces by industry and type

Improving and enabling human-oriented service and operations in response to COVID-19.


B2B food services

Department of Motor Vehicles


Industrial facilities

Life insurance

Quick-service restaurants

Rail operations

Retail banking

Retail grocery

Retail nongrocery

Waste management


Core business support functions

COVID-19 response checklists for CHROs

Provides three sets of practical ideas for how CHROs can keep employees safe while maintaining productivity and looking for a path to recovery.

COVID-19 response checklist for CFOs

Offers a checklist of actions that CFOs can take to lead through all five phases of the crisis-response cycle.

COVID-19 response checklist for CIOs and IT leaders

Provides immediate actions that can help CIOs stabilize core business operations and technology and prepare for recovery.

COVID-19 response checklist for contact centers

Shares ideas for leaders on adapting contact-center operations during the first three crisis-response stages.

Marketing and sales

COVID-19 return and response checklists for B2B marketing leaders

Provides practical moves for B2B marketing leaders as they navigate the first three phases of the crisis-response cycle, Resolve, Resilience, and Return.

COVID-19 response checklist for B2C marketing leaders

Provides critical steps through the first two of five stages in the crisis-response cycle, Resolve and Resilience, to help guide B2C marketing leaders.

Supply chain management

Rethinking the consumer goods supply chain in response to COVID-19

Provides a resource for consumer goods leaders to help address the four archetypes of demand change seen during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 response checklist for supply-chain leaders

Offers practical solutions to guide supply-chain leaders through all five stages of the crisis-response cycle.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Public health

Where to source personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis

Lists of suppliers of personal protective equipment, with a global reach, to help leaders address critical shortages.

Airway protection fact pack

A document meant to explore select questions around securing a sufficient supply of airway protection equipment, including N95 disposable respirators, surgical masks, and PAPRs.

Diagnostic technology fact pack

A high-level summary of COVID-19 testing technologies, with information on the supply landscape and possible ways to increase the supply of testing materials.

COVID-19 critical supply list

Summarized fact base on the availability of medical supplies as related to needs posed by COVID-19.

COVID-19 essential drug list

Essential list for drugs currently being used for COVID-19 treatment and related symptom management.

COVID-19 vaccine and diagnostics value chains

A visual representation of the COVID-19 vaccines and diagnostics value chains and where challenges might occur.


Developed in collaboration with UNESCO

Remote learning strategy

Shares considerations to develop and continuously improve remote learning capabilities to provide learning continuity and support during school closures caused by COVID-19


Shares potential actions to help students come back to school: re-enrolling students and working to prevent increased drop-out rates due to school closures caused by COVID-19


Addresses potential ways educational systems can remediate lost learning due to disruption caused by COVID-19

Hybrid learning

Reviews considerations for setting up hybrid learning systems that can combine both remote and in-person learning to ensure learning continuity and improve the student experience

Organizing for the response

Discusses the organizational challenges faced in education’s response and provides a potential framework for countries to better prepare

US response

Organizing to address the crisis

Provides leaders with a potential framework for organizing a response by creating a “nerve center”—a temporary, targeted organizational construct that is effective in managing major, fast-moving crises.

Addressing the public-health crisis

Helps leaders think through how to potentially mitigate strains on capacity and access to care with swift and assertive actions in the following areas: managing capacity, testing, and containment.

Addressing the economic impact of the crisis

Presents a number of examples of internal actions state leaders may consider to prepare to effectively implement federal relief and fiscal recovery efforts.

Meeting the demand for public services

Provides immediate actions leaders can consider and implement to meet the unprecedented surge in demand for public services that is being caused by COVID-19.

Caring for the most vulnerable populations

Shares a number of case studies that offer insight into planning to meet citizens’ basic needs, as well as targeted actions to care for exceptionally vulnerable homeless populations.


Presents frameworks for thinking about how to reopen economies.
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