Our People

Michael Conway
Senior PartnerPhiladelphia
Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public,...
Ryan Golden
Serves educational organizations on their strategic collaboration and performance aspirations to enable improved student outcomes...
Maya Horii
Senior PartnerTokyo
Advises public sector agencies on economic development, digital and sustainability transformation, and partners with Japanese...
Jonathan Law
Senior Partner
Supports education organizations and state, provincial, and local governments design and implement major initiatives that advance...
Tracy Nowski
PartnerWashington DC
Works with foundations, philanthropic limited liability companies, not for profits, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral...
Jimmy Sarakatsannis
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Offers broad and deep expertise in education, with a particular interest in the use of technology to transform teaching and learning...
Nina Probst
Leads McKinsey’s work in Geneva; helps organizations increase effectiveness and efficiency through cultural transformation, organizational...
Lieven Van der Veken
Senior PartnerLyon
Draws on his professional background in neuroscience to help pharmaceutical companies and public health organizations with challenges...
Jules Carrigan
Senior PartnerSydney
Coleads McKinsey’s Public & Social Sector Practice in Australia
Harald Pöltner
Leads our economic development work in Africa and assists investors, project developers, and donors in attracting and executing...
Bobby Demissie
An expert in public-sector delivery and a leader in energy, health, and agriculture topics, serving public and private clients...