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Strategy & Corporate Finance

We help medtech clients determine where and how to play—drivers for 80 percent of value creation.

Our 90-plus years of work in strategy and corporate finance have led us to develop innovative tools and approaches to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We work with medical-technology companies to implement initiatives across portfolio strategy, innovation, growth strategy, transactions, due diligence, divestments, and activist-investor defense. Our deep understanding of value pools and trends in the industry coupled with our knowledge of disease treatments and health systems help clients build winning strategies.

Examples of our work

Accelerating performance through inorganic growth partnerships

Unlocked capital for a leading medical-device manufacturer through portfolio rationalization and M&A, which resulted in building a leading consumable medical-device manufacturer

Redefining corporate strategy to drive growth

Created an entirely new, multibillion-dollar division within a diversified healthcare company through our assessment of healthcare megatrends, global growth, natural ownership, financial valuation, and strategic objectives

Simulating an activist mind-set

Ran an outside-in evaluation of a durable medical-equipment manufacturer to assess investor attractiveness for building a separate parts division focused on a specific disease

Building a leading business unit

Leveraged primary customer research, advanced analytics, and market perspectives for a cardiovascular business unit to define its next-generation product portfolio, additional growth investments beyond products, and field-team resourcing needs

Streamlining strategic planning

Set up a strategic-planning process for better coordination between the corporate center and business units of a diversified medtech company. This led to better alignment across regions and time zones to capture all market data, trends, and strategic plans through one common software

Establishing a board-effectiveness review

After the merger of two medtech companies, we ran an effectiveness review with the newly created board of directors through surveys and interviews to help clarify roles and responsibilities. Results were presented during a joint workshop with the board and management team, and clear action items were agreed upon and implemented, such as an increased focus on risk and talent management topics

Featured capabilities

We use distinctive industry knowledge, datasets, analytics, and benchmarks to deliver meaningful insights to clients.

Activist teardown: Assesses and identifies areas of activist pressure and provides an initial plan for addressing them.

Start-up and Analytics (SILA) Investment Landscape: An advanced analytics tool that rapidly develops a market map of companies and identifies key segments within a market and potential areas and target companies to pursue. Contact us to learn more

SynergyLab: Leverages external benchmarks and internal expertise to identify and quantify synergies within days, bringing insight into due diligence and initial integration plans.

Corporate-performance diagnostic: Develops a quantitative foundation for strategy discussions through financial data analysis of value-creation drivers. Learn more