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Postmerger Management

We help medtech clients realize the greatest value from mergers.

We support clients through every stage of a merger—from preannouncement planning to postclose integration. This work includes developing the right synergies based on our knowledge of revenue and cost opportunities, streamlining organizational cultures, building capabilities for future mergers, and accelerating integration. Our approach has helped identify revenue-growth opportunities that exceed estimates by 30 to 150 percent and mitigate culture clashes between merging companies ahead of a deal announcement.

Example of our work

Our work spans half of the most prominent global mergers completed since 2005—many of them unprecedented in scope and complexity.

End-to-end merger management support

We led the integration effort of a large medtech acquisition by determining the new organizational structure, setting synergy targets, managing the value-capture process with leaders across functions and geographies, and establishing the go-forward strategy and portfolio.

Featured capabilities

We bring clients extensive knowledge in health systems, regulations, and manufacturing along with distinctive customer insights and a set of digitally enabled tools, including the following:

Merger Management Bootcamp: An intensive workshop to build capabilities for integration teams that covers the entire merger process and offers practical solutions for dealing with the most common challenges

Transformation Express (TEX): Our proprietary software that tracks merger progress in real time against milestones, synergies, and costs across teams around the world and then creates a road map for implementation

Clean teams: Teams that work behind legal firewalls until deal close to analyze competitively sensitive data to locate potential synergies

Integration Council: A group of senior executives with deep merger-management experience across sectors and geographies that convenes at our annual merger-integration conferences to offer best practices and real-world advice to clients

Organizational Health Index

Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health


Find out how this web-based program-management tool supports transformation and change programs—and helps organizations monitor, quantify, and sustain results.

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