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Digital Strategy & Transformation

Helping healthcare organizations to strategically employ digital and analytics to transform their businesses and dramatically improve performance
The rise of big data and digital capabilities is changing the way healthcare payers and providers operate. We draw on an unrivaled mix of healthcare expertise and experience leading end-to-end delivery of digital transformations to help healthcare organizations improve healthcare cost, quality, and access from digital and analytics.

What we do

Digital strategy

We help healthcare organizations understand the value at stake from digital technologies, prioritize key areas, and create road maps for transforming their organizations.

Cost and performance enhancement

We help healthcare organizations to boost efficiencies through back-office process redesign and automation as well as to use digital workflows to drive efficiency in clinical operations and caregiver-experience redesign.

Digitally enabled growth

We support healthcare organizations to improve member and patient acquisition and retention through sophisticated analytics and personalized engagement and boost brand loyalty through consumer strategies and digitally enabled journeys.

Digital healthcare cost, quality, and access

We help healthcare organization to improve healthcare outcomes and value by supporting consumers and providers with digital tools as they make care decisions and manage their chronic conditions.

Core technology

We help healthcare organizations to develop the technology foundations and capabilities—including agile at scale, DevOps, and modern architecture—to scale and sustain digital transformations.


digital consultants, designers and developers with expertise across industries


analytics and digital experts dedicated to healthcare

Featured capabilities

We invest in pioneering research and assets that enable digital transformations and capability building.

Journey diagnostics: Our proprietary benchmarks and diagnostics enable rapid digital-opportunity sizing.

Consumer insights: Our proprietary research provides insights into healthcare consumer demographics, decision making, and experience across the US population.

Consumer engagement platform: Our consumer engagement platform enables healthcare organizations to personalize their interactions with consumers through targeting analytics, digital tools, and test-and-learn capabilities.

Digital journey design and prototypes: Our designers and developers help healthcare organizations reimagine healthcare journeys and develop rapid prototypes for testing.

Digital Academy: Our Digital Academy helps organizations build the capabilities needed to realize their digital aspirations.

Examples of our work

Payer digital transformation

When a large payer wanted to optimize administrative costs without disrupting business operations and market growth, we conducted a rapid diagnostic to identify digital opportunities across operational areas, redesigned five core journeys, and conducted an agile rollout of a multiyear road map, which led to more than $300 million in administrative-cost savings.

Digital capability building for a hospital system

When a large hospital system wanted to create a best-in-class digital experience for patients, we helped them understand the value at stake from digitizing three priority patient journeys. We mapped patient pain points, developed a conceptual digital architecture, and built digital prototypes. This targeted $200M in expected annual revenue growth and $100M+ in administrative and medical annual contribution impact within 3 years.

Personalized digital member support

A regional US payer wanted to use analytics and agile capabilities to improve member support improve quality, cost and access, so we created a predictive model and a personalized intervention and messaging strategy to help members make better healthcare decisions. The rapid diagnostic identified around $45 million in immediate value.

Featured insights


Omnichannel consumer interactions—a payer perspective

– Omnichannel interactions are fundamentally improving the consumer experience in many industries. Payers should act now to keep up with rising consumer expectations.

For better healthcare claims management, think “digital first”

– Although end-to-end digital claims management is still a distant vision, much can be gained from digitizing portions of the claims... process today.

An insurance company transforms itself by putting technology first

– The deep transformation of healthcare company Anthem presented unique challenges. Here’s how the company set up its strategy... to meet them.

The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?

– Technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient,... individualized care—and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025.

Digital health ecosystems: A payer perspective

– Creating or participating in a digital health ecosystem can allow payers to take advantage of their central position in the healthcare... landscape and expand in new directions.

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