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Advanced Analytics

Enabling healthcare organizations to harness the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence
We use a proven set of tools and expertise to transform healthcare companies into analytics-enabled organizations as well as help drive real tangible value against proven use cases. Whether the goal is improving health outcome, increasing efficiency, improving health outcomes, or driving innovation and growth, artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to shape the industry meaningfully.
Payers, providers, and technology companies have access to vast and growing amounts of internal and external data. With this amount of data comes the promise of better understanding and prediction of patient, customer, and employee needs. Navigating this opportunity and converting it into tangible value for businesses and their constituents requires a new approach for collaborating across the enterprise. Analytics capabilities are core to capturing this value, as is the ability of leaders and frontline staff to know how and when to leverage analytics to improve their overall performance.

What we do

Enterprise-analytics strategy

We help organizations build compelling, enterprise-wide analytics visions and strategies aligned with their own business aspirations. We can help create road maps for advanced-analytics use cases, make the case for change, and understand the value at stake. Our ongoing expertise and support help analytics teams improve their organizations, processes, and capabilities so they can stay on the cutting edge and develop critical insights from their own data.

Capability diagnostic and opportunity identification

We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to assessing the capabilities across the organization to make sure all the capabilities are in place to enable analytics success.

Specific use cases

Our team of engineers and healthcare experts design and develop analytics applications and assets for healthcare-specific use cases, including procedure-specific competitive benchmarks, doctor performance, configuration of insurance claims, and visualization of the health of large patient populations.

Core technology and building scalable digital platforms

Integrating analytics into digital applications is creating a need for payers and providers to transform their technology, architecture, and IT operating model to achieve and sustain the required impact. We have facilitated multiple transformations to create reusable, and scalable platforms that can be leveraged in an agile model to enable analytics impact through digital.



boost our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions


analytical assets

and 20 cloud-based apps integrated into a single healthcare-data-analytics platform



of integrated data (claim, encounter, clinical, and consumer) processed each year

Featured capabilities

Our growing library of assets, including third-party and proprietary use-case libraries, data sets, codified models, and digital applications, allow us to help clients rapidly drive toward value for their members.

Nebula platform: Our cloud-based data platform has a scalable infrastructure, isolated data lakes for each client, and HITRUST and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 certifications, allowing us to analyze massive and sensitive healthcare data sets securely.

Healthcare-ecosystem management: Our application for payers quickly creates a single, holistic picture of a healthcare system’s full patient population and allows experts to drill down into the specific analyses needed to find the insights to improve performance.

Analytics use case diagnostic: Our diagnostic solution evaluates organizations’ analytics-maturity levels along several use cases and capability dimensions that drive financial performance, and the resulting insights inform priorities for analytics programs, sequence opportunities for growth, and track progress.

Growth and Retention: We leverage proprietary datasets to track U.S employer and benefit plan characteristics over time. A predictive engine identifies the key drivers of churn and conversion to optimize our client’s sales strategy, targeting, and broker relationship management.

Referral Mapping: Our data helps providers model in-network and out-of-network referral flows to visualize and enhance network integrity.

Data Profilers: We help companies transform their data into standard data models enriched with reference data, which we then run through more than 200 quality checks, looking at completeness, logical relationships, and business rules that payer data should follow.

Element AI: We have an exclusive strategic alliance with a research-led enterprise AI company with a strong specialization in deep learning.

Examples of our work

Analytics Center of Excellence for a healthcare payer

We supported a large regional payer in identifying and executing the most powerful analytics opportunities to differentiate itself in the market and advance its mission to help deliver affordable, high-quality care for members. We performed an analytics diagnostic, set up an Analytics Center of Excellence, piloted multiple use cases with significant impact potential, and developed a three-year analytics road map that prioritized more than 20 use cases aligned with business-unit strategic priorities.

Reduced costs and improved healthcare quality for a major, state-run health insurer

When a US state-run health insurance organization aimed to deliver more affordable, high quality care, we worked with it to design and implement one of the largest Accountable Care Organization programs in the United States, tying payments to quality metrics and cost of care. Central to this effort was the development of an algorithm to assess provider performance and calculate payments. We also built an interactive dashboard to reduce unnecessary performance reports, further cutting costs.

Financial stability at a national healthcare provider’s pathology labs

A provider wanted to achieve financial sustainability while maintaining quality, but lacked an analytics framework to understand the potential impact of various courses of action. Our data platform processed large volumes of the system’s data, and we carried out extensive mapping to coalesce data and harmonize activity with capacity. The result allowed the healthcare system to visualize activity data at a granular level for the first time, create a “do nothing” forecast, and model a combination of specialty-specific reconfiguration options.

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