Our People

Frankki Bevins
Partner, Denver
Partners with public, private, and nonprofit organizations to set bold strategies and build teams that can realize them
Brandon Carrus
Senior Partner, Cleveland
Works with CEOs and top teams to achieve excellence in clinical and service operations
Alberto Chaia
Senior Partner, Miami
Works with clients in Mexico, Latin America and globally to develop strategies for economic development, financial inclusion and education
Wan-Lae Cheng
Partner, Washington DC
Supports private-, public-, and social-sector organizations, including – educational institutions, state and local governments, not for profits, and employers, as they create a competitive talent pool to prepare for the future of work
Felipe Child
Partner, Bogotá
Leads McKinsey’s Organization Practice in Spanish Latin America. Passionate about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of critical organizations for our society—across the public, private, and social sectors
Emma Dorn
Senior Knowledge Expert, Bay Area
Supports education donors, foundations, systems, and institutions to improve education outcomes and equity for all students, with a focus on post -COVID-19 learning recovery, and harnessing technology for student learning
André Dua
Senior Partner, Miami
Provides strategic counsel and advises on performance transformation to state and local governments as well as public and private universities and systems
Leads Industries
Stephen Hall
Partner, Dubai
Helps large organizations in the public and social sector transform their impact to improve outcomes for people across the Middle East and beyond
Charag Krishnan
Partner, New Jersey
Supports higher-education institutions on performance improvement programs, analytics, M&A, and financial sustainability
Martha Laboissiere
Partner, Bay Area
Works with public, private and social sector organizations to promote economic development and opportunity creation worldwide
Jonathan Law
Senior Partner
Supports education organizations and state, provincial, and local governments design and implement major initiatives that advance inclusive growth
Cheryl Lim
Partner, Singapore
Advises public- and private-sector clients in education, youth employment and engagement, and tourism, as they pursue policy, system, and organization transformation
Kevin Neher
Senior Partner, Denver
As managing partner of our Denver office, helps executives and government leaders transform customer experience while reducing costs and increasing employee engagement
Duwain Pinder
Partner, New Jersey
Serves colleges and universities on strategy and performance improvements and supports organizations across sectors on racial equity and inclusive workforce development
Dr. Fiyinfolu Oladiran
Partner, Washington DC
Leads the Public Sector and Social Sector Practices and advises on economic transformations, with a focus on public finance for development
Saurabh Sanghvi
Partner, Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Partners with public, private, and not-for-profit organizations around the world to set bold strategies and execute plans that improve educational and employment outcomes
Jimmy Sarakatsannis
Partner, Washington DC
Offers broad and deep expertise in education, with a particular interest in the use of technology to transform teaching and learning
Dirk Schmautzer
Partner, Dubai
Shapes economic and human capital development strategies to boost growth and create jobs. Leads McKinsey’s Education Practice in the Middle East and co-leads our Global Economic Development Practice.