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Emma Dorn

Senior Knowledge ExpertBay Area

Supports education donors, foundations, systems, and institutions to improve education outcomes and equity for all students, with a focus on post -COVID-19 learning recovery, and harnessing technology for student learning

Emma leads knowledge development and dissemination for McKinsey’s education work around the globe. She also serves clients across the public, private, and social sectors including school systems, higher-education institutions, technology companies, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, and educational not-for-profit organizations.

Emma’s areas of focus include improving access to, and quality of, education for historically underserved populations, supporting efforts to meet the sustainable development goal for education (SDG4), applying advanced analytics for social impact, and applying technology to improve teaching and learning. She has also shaped recent thinking on how school systems can respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and reimagine more equitable school systems emerging from the crisis.

Published Work

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Past Experience

Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc.
Interim executive director

Business development advisor


Harvard University

University of Cambridge
BA, geography