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Nadine Diaz-Infante

Drive to increase access to quality education across a range of client types, such as higher education, K–12, and continuous education, primarily through transformations that focus on growth

Nadine Diaz-Infante is the global leader of our education work in marketing and enrollment and leads the firm’s Education Practice for Latin America.

She has extensive international experience increasing student outcomes in higher education systems in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and the United Kingdom, through holistic higher-education programs and strategy plans.

She has developed deep expertise in marketing, enrollment, online planning and retention, and workforce solutions as well as developed knowledge on the future of education and how to link skills to better job outcomes.


Demand for higher education is growing. Are providers ready?,” McKinsey & Company, July 2022


London Business School

BA, business administration
BA, international relations