Growth, Marketing & Sales

We help consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies accelerate sustained and accretive growth.

In more than 1,000 growth, marketing and sales studies conducted over the past five years, we have helped CPG clients shape their growth ambition, prioritize key vectors of profitable growth into an integrated growth strategy, and develop the necessary capabilities to execute effectively.

Our approach


Our GrowthX approach in CPG leverages a suite of proprietary assets to help clients with different priorities and growth horizons create a pragmatic picture of success, identify a broader set of growth opportunities, and facilitate optimal resource allocation and risk management.

Four Lenses of Insight: Where to Play

Consumer understanding

We help clients understand current and future consumer segments, need states, and usage and purchase behaviors. Our proprietary Growth Maps approach leverages machine learning to provide a macro view of how consumers organize categories and a micro view of purchase decisions.

Category and channel value pools

We provide a granular view of where value in a given category sits today and in the future across multiple dimensions, such as sub-category, channel and geography). Our proprietary analytics tool for value pools can be leveraged to rapidly provide insights tailored to individual clients.

Competitive understanding

We help assess the competitive landscape, deep diving into the performance drivers of successful growth companies. We provide outside-in financial performance data and insights on more than 3.5 million private and public companies, leveraging 4.5 terabytes of proprietary data, while our winners analysis maps more than 350 consumer companies across categories to dissect and understand growth performance and drivers of CPG winners.

Capabilities to win

We help identify the commercial capabilities most critical to execute a winning growth strategy, utilizing our proprietary industry benchmarking tool to outline best practices used by leading organizations and outline key next steps to close capability gaps.

Three growth pathways: How to win

Our research shows that companies growing along all three growth pathways are 97 percent more likely to outperform growth performance of comparable peers. Accordingly, we help our clients develop holistic growth strategies and optimally deploy resources across each.

Expand the core

We help clients maximize their current business, such as strategy and capability development including marketing, sales channel, sales performance and revenue growth management.

Innovate into adjacencies

We help clients strategically expand into adjacent categories, segments, and geographies.

Ignite breakout businesses

We help clients evaluate and try new, disruptive business models to ignite growth beyond their core.