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Unlock consumer demand with Growth Maps

Growth maps provide a consumer lens for consumer packaged goods growth strategy. Our proprietary approach leverages machine learning to provide our clients with a macro view of how consumers perceive a category and a micro view of the purchase decision at the shelf.

Our approach

Behavioral segmentation

Providing a comprehensive view of the market as perceived by consumers in key usage occasions and at the point of purchase. Uncovering key drivers of purchase decisions, including practical benefits such as taste and nutritional value as well as emotional benefits such as improved energy or relaxation.

Brand equity analysis

Rapid consumer research quantitatively and qualitatively explores relevant brand equities, including the brand’s ability to deliver critical functional and emotional benefits to consumers in key usage occasions.

Growth headroom analysis

Machine learning algorithms predict future growth and attainable market share of category, allowing simulation of incremental revenue, volume, and profit potential.

Growth capture activation

Portfolio simulators help to identify and prioritize growth levers in broader five-year growth capture plan. Portfolio simulators include:

New product simulator

simulates the size and portfolio incrementality of new product introductions and line extensions

Marketing spend optimizer

optimizer optimizes advertising spend to capture headroom in a given market, measuring portfolio impact of shifting marketing dollars across brands and categories

Price and trade optimizer

measures net impact of changes in price and trade levels, using econometric and structure-based elasticities

Assortment optimizer

optimizes category assortment and minimizes complexity
Our Growth Maps Navigator tool digitally codifies Growth Maps, and can be set up in clients’ systems to guide future decision making. It dynamically alerts clients to changing trends and simulates changes to marketing and sales levers across the portfolio, building long-term capabilities for a client’s organization.