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Ankit Agarwal
Partner, Bengaluru
Leads marketing-led growth in India and is a core leader in McKinsey’s High Tech, Media, Telecommunications, and Consumer Packaged...
Anand Darbhe
Partner, Mumbai
Brings over 20 years of experience in consulting; serves clients across industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods,...
Amit Khera
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Oil & Gas Practice in India and drives end-to-end operations transformations in the oil and gas, renewables, metals,...
Abhijit Kulkarni
Partner, Mumbai
Asia head of the firm’s work in mining, leading our Metals & Mining Practice in India, and partnering with mining and steel companies...
Anuj Kadyan
Partner, Gurugram
Serves IT-services, hardware, and software clients on service strategy and transformation, with a focus on offering strategy,...
Chirag Adatia
Partner, Gurugram
Serves healthcare-service providers and medical-device players in our Gurugram office
Ankit Arora
Partner, Mumbai
Serves the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice and advises clients on strategy, growth, sales acceleration, operations...
Kushe Bahl
Partner, Mumbai
Leads the McKinsey Digital and McKinsey Analytics Practices in India, helping leading companies across sectors accelerate their...
Indy Banerjee
Partner, Bengaluru
Leads McKinsey's outsourcing and offshoring work and the firm's service in technology and operating models in Asia
Vikas Bhadoria
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Life Sciences Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise in helping local and global...
Jaidit Brar
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Marketing & Sales Practice in India and the sales and channel work in the Asia–Pacific region, advising clients...
Bikramjit Chaudhury
Associate Partner, Mumbai
Serves the Automotive & Assembly Practice with a special focus on large-scale cost and modularity transformations
Harsh Chhaparia
Partner, Gurugram
Leads the firm’s marketing and sales work in India, and advises clients across sectors on sales transformations, new business...
Brajesh Chhibber
Partner, Gurugram
Leads the firm's work with automotive and advanced industries clients and coleads McKinsey Center for Future Mobility in India;...
Mahima Chugh
Partner, Mumbai
Advises clients on portfolio strategy, revenue growth, sales and marketing, profit improvement, and digital transformation
Vikash Daga
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice in India. Brings deep expertise in marketing & sales transformations, digital and...
Peeyush Dalmia
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Works with leading private-equity funds and limited partners across the life cycle of a deal (pre- and postinvestment) and advises...
Rajat Dhawan
Senior Partner and India Managing Partner, Gurugram
Creates transformational impact for clients and catalyzes Firm’s innovations towards delivering holistic impact
Sasikanth Dola
Partner, Mumbai
Advises clients in pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer, chemicals, and other industrial sectors on strategy, operations, and...
Faridun Dotiwala
Partner , Mumbai
Leads performance transformations that boost organizational health, facilitating stronger leadership, shaping culture, and counseling...
Namrata Dubashi
Partner, Bengaluru
Leads McKinsey in East India and Bangladesh; spearheads All In, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in Asia
Amit Ganeriwalla
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads large-scale transformations at energy and materials companies, advising them on business building, change management, and...
Soumyadeep Ganguly
Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey’s manufacturing and supply chain management work in India and advises clients across India, Southeast Asia, Australia,...
Siddharth Gopalkrishnan
Partner, Mumbai
Coleads Leap By McKinsey, which helps build D2C and digital first businesses in the automotive, real estate, and consumer sectors
Avinash Goyal
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Helps chemical and agriculture companies meet the challenges of a rapidly changing sector, taking a global, data-driven perspective...
Rajat Gupta
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads the Sustainability Practice in Asia; drives large scale, digital-led transformations in the energy and materials sector
Amit V Gupta
Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey’s product-development and procurement work in India, specializing in turnaround and transformation programs for...
Nitesh Gupta
Partner, Gurugram
Advises leading automotive OEMs on digital, analytics, strategy, growth, product-planning and -development, margin-optimization,...
Shivanshu Gupta
Senior Partner, Bengaluru
Leads McKinsey’s Advanced Industries in India, and is a leader in our global Operations and Advanced Industries Practices
Kushagra Gupta
Associate Partner, Mumbai
Serves the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice, with a special focus on digital strategy, people supply chain, and...
Kamya Jaiswal
Associate Partner, Gurugram
Leverages data and analytics to drive growth and profitability for renewable and energy-sector clients
Raghavan Janardhanan
Partner, Chennai
Leads our core technology work, designing and implementing large-scale digital transformations for companies across multiple sectors
Noshir Kaka
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Coleads the global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice; founded our Outsourcing and Offshoring Practice.
Kanika Kalra
Partner, Mumbai
Serves consumer, retail and media clients across the world as the managing partner at McKinsey’s Mumbai office
Alok Kshirsagar
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Advises companies across a broad range of industries on globalization issues, performance improvements, and sustaining large-scale...
Akash Lal
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Brings deep expertise in wholesale banking. Works with financial institutions across India, Greater China, and Southeast Asia...
Jesper Ludolph
Partner, Bengaluru
Creates value through design and implementation of agile operating models supported by uplift in digital capabilities
Abhishek Malhotra
Partner, Mumbai
Serves consumer and retail clients with a special focus on marketing and sales harnesses the power of data and analytics to enhance...
Mrinalini Mirchandani
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Advises leading investors and organizations on investment strategy, growth opportunities, and sustaining large-scale transformative...
Neelesh Mundra
Partner, Mumbai
Leads the firm’s logistics work in India and coleads the manufacturing and supply-chain work in Asia
Subbu Narayanswamy
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Supports real estate and district or city development across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; helps create, grow, and transform...
Vivek Pandit
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Serves the world’s leading investors and shareholders on investment strategy, sustainability, origination, transformations, operations,...
Ashish Pandey
Partner, Mumbai
A leader in India’s growth work and helps clients leverage digital and analytics to achieve high impact, sustainable outcomes
Sathya Prathipati
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey's work in pharmaceutical generics globally and our work in pharma and healthcare in India
Ankur Puri
Partner, India
Helps large organizations adopt advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in businesses at scale and helps lead McKinsey’s...
Aparajita Puri
Partner, Gurugram
Serves technology clients, advising them on digital strategy, sales acceleration, and M&A
Karthi Purushothaman
Partner, Chennai
Serves financial services firms on advanced analytics-enabled growth programs as well as data and core technology transformations
Vamshidhar Reddy
Partner, Chennai
Leader in McKinsey's Life Sciences practice in India
Suvojoy Sengupta
Partner, Gurugram
Leads the firm's renewables work within the Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in India and advises clients on operational...
Aditya Sharma
Partner, Bengaluru
Leads the firm’s banking analytics work in Asia and its Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in India; serves financial institutions...
Kunwar Vijayant Singh
Partner, Gurugram
Leads the firm's digital and analytics work in metals in the Asia–Pacific region, coleads technology-enabled transformations of...
Shivanand Sinha
Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey's Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice with a focus on driving commercial excellence
Renny Thomas
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey’s banking work across Asia–Pacific and supports the rapid growth of Asia's banking sector, helping build new institutions...
Naveen Unni
Partner, Chennai
Passionate about sustainably transforming organisations and transforming sustainability in organisations