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We serve Finland’s leading companies, multinational corporations, and the public sector, helping them achieve significant and lasting improvements.

Our Finland office is on a strong trajectory of growth as we celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2019. In addition to our client service, which spans multiple sectors, we are passionate about developing long-term perspectives on the challenges facing the Finnish economy. We want to make a tangible difference in society by building leaders—within our firm, among our clients, and beyond—who have the commitment and capability to transform large organizations and improve the entire country.



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Working in Finland

The Finland office recruits exceptional students from top universities, as well as accomplished, experienced professionals. We believe that collaboration among diverse, highly talented people brings both creativity and passion to our work. Once you join our firm, we will support you in your personal and professional growth throughout your career.

Featured Insights

Älykaupungit: Digitaalisia ratkaisuja tulevaisuuden parempaan asumiseen

Lokakuu 2018 - Kun kaupungeista tulee älykkäämpiä, niistä tulee myös asuttavampia ja paremmin reagoivia. Voimme nyt nähdä vasta vilauksen siitä, mitä teknologia voi lopulta saada aikaan urbaanissa ympäristössä.

Shaping the future of work in Europe’s 9 digital front-runner countries

– Our research shows significant value in embracing AI and automation for the Northern European countries, but sees a requirement... for new skill sets among employees and a policy response around education, training, and the social contract.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Pushing manufacturing productivity to the max

– Advanced analytics and lower-cost computing give companies a powerful tool for managing profitability on an hourly basis.

Drivers of student performance: Insights from Europe

– We analyzed OECD PISA results from Europe. What did we learn about student mindsets, teaching practices, and technology?

Reinventing the workplace for greater gender diversity

– Three efforts could kick-start progress to get more women in leadership positions.

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