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US Economy and Presidential Transition

Insights to help government leaders make informed decisions on key issues facing the next administration


US Economy

Objective insights for policy-makers and decision-makers on the domestic and global forces shaping the US economy

Government Performance

Transformative approaches to build public sector capacity and respond to social, economic, and technological challenges

US Healthcare

Research and perspectives on the evolution of the US healthcare market.


Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores

– While the most advanced sectors, companies, and individuals push the boundaries of technology use, the US economy as a whole is... realizing only 18 percent of its digital potential.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

– Online talent platforms are increasingly connecting people to the right work opportunities. By 2025 they could add $2.7 trillion... to global GDP, and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labor markets.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Debt and (not much) deleveraging

– Global debt has grown by $57 trillion and no major economy has decreased its debt-to-GDP ratio since 2007. High government debt... in advanced economies, mounting household debt, and the rapid rise of China’s debt are areas of potential concern.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge

– A third of urban dwellers—1.6 billion people—could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. Here are four approaches... that could help.



Why US education is ready for investment

– As education transforms, the traditional and highly limited openings for private companies are growing wider. Investors should... take note.

Protecting student data in a digital world

– Proponents of data-enabled education can learn from other industries that have faced concerns about the risks of using personal... information.

Education to employment: Designing a system that works

– Young people can’t find jobs. Yet employers can’t find people with the right entry-level skills. How can we close this gap?

Defense & Security

Book Excerpt - McKinsey Quarterly

Repelling the cyberattackers

– Organizations must build digital resilience to protect their most valuable information assets.

Defense outlook 2017: A global survey of defense-industry executives

– Business leaders are growing more optimistic and think they can head off challenges from commercial firms.

International defense sales: Opportunities, but not for all

– Most defense contractors expect to find growth in international sales and noncore businesses. Only a few are likely to succeed.... Five actions can improve their chances.

Why senior leaders are the front line against cyberattacks

– All companies are aware of the growing risk of cyberattacks, yet few are taking the steps necessary to protect critical information.... The key? Senior managers need to lead.


Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Bridging global infrastructure gaps

– Global infrastructure systems are straining to meet demand, and the spending trajectory will lead to worsening gaps. But there... are solutions to unlock financing and make the sector more productive.

Bold ideas to transform infrastructure

– There’s much more to be done to ensure we can deliver against 21st-century demands, according to participants in McKinsey’s... Global Infrastructure Initiative.

The next generation of infrastructure

– Sustainable projects will add trillions to the world’s infrastructure costs. Our report finds that private-sector investors... must look at new ways to fill the gap.

E before I: Why engagement needs to come first in planning infrastructure

– Consulting stakeholders before digging makes for better, cheaper projects.

Energy & Environment


The future of energy

– McKinsey director Scott Nyquist offers his outlook on oil, shale gas, and the odds that renewable energy and electric cars will... take off soon.

Technologies that could transform how industries use energy

– Energy accounts for a sizable share of company operating costs. Our new report details 33 technologies to improve energy efficiency—and... your bottom line.

How companies can adapt to climate change

– Taking effective action can turn risk into competitive advantage.

Rethinking the water cycle

– How moving to a circular economy can preserve our most vital resource.