The skills revolution and the future of learning and earning

| Report

As companies and organizations in all sectors deploy new technologies—including automation and artificial intelligence—ensuring this evolution fosters shared, sustainable prosperity will likely hinge on how well societies prepare the workforces of tomorrow.

Private- and public-sector leaders have a critical role to play in helping to create family-sustaining jobs, close skills gaps, and ensure tech-fueled growth leaves no one behind. This topic is explored in a new report prepared by McKinsey for the 2023 World Government Summit that can be downloaded here. Drawing from McKinsey research, the report examines trends across the major stages of education, from early childhood to lifelong learning, with a particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It highlights the importance of focusing on skills development at all educational stages and examines how new technologies and approaches can help both students entering the workforce and workers to succeed. This report explores eight key findings, among the myriad factors shaping the future of education.

These findings are further explored in the full report. Reimagining and rethinking the learning and earning nexus of the global workforce and investing in the shifts needed to provide people with the skills of tomorrow is a challenge for all of society. By working together, public- and private-sector leaders can ensure tech-fueled growth becomes an engine of broad-based prosperity for the region. The time to begin this journey is now.

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